Stewie Griffin: the untold story! (2005)

I wonder if it is any good seeing Stewie Griffin: the untold story! without having seen one episode of the family guy. Since this movie has been rated 9.5 on imdb at the time I write this, I cannot but wonder if the majority of viewers are flatulent… or wait… maybe one just needs to see the series before watching the movie in order to fully appreciate it! I do not have that luxury so my frame of reference will be limited. Nevertheless, I saw the pilot of Season 4 (the series) and I found it “mildly” entertaining most of the time, weird or even queer at times and occasionally simple and flat (as 2d strips are).

One thought on “Stewie Griffin: the untold story! (2005)

  1. I’m a long time fan, and I would only rate the movie about half way up the scale in comparision to the best episodes. Watch the series from S1E1 and you will learn to love it!


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