Hard Boiled (1992)

hard_boiledI knew about the Hard Boiled (Lashou shentan) cop now for quite some time but never came round to watch it. A young Yun-Fat Chow starring as “Tequila” is investigating a gun dealer case and finds out that another undercover cop is on the case as well. Lots of bullets, high body count and… babies…?!?! WTF? This is the best way to get never shown in Germany, put babies next to bullets and show their blood smeared faces (not their own blood, but still) on camera. John Woo did it and the movie never got shown in German cinema (or only in a 92 min cut version). Pity. Still, praise to the uncut DVD version that shows it all. Exploding shotgun rounds that set motorcyles ablaze, pistols with unlimited ammo and an unbreakabale toothpick. Hard Boiled isn’t realistc but it has fast paced action and more action and more bullets what it does not have is Kung Fu but it doesn’t need it either. Somehow I cannot shake the feeling that this is a “boys” movie. Guns, bullets, explosions, bad ass cool guys and errr babies…! OK, enough already with that baby talk. Hard Boiled is nothing for you if you are not hard boiled and lenient when it comes to unlimited ammo and the number of bullets it takes to kill someone.

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