Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding_crashersWedding Crashers are people who go to weddings uninvited and help themselves to free food and drink and… women as this Hollywood definition of the term shows us. They do so in a profoundly elaborate manner with rules and code and highly successful, too.

Hilarious as it may be for the two middle aged men (and the viewer), it is not fulfilling for them and slowly and gradually they realize this. And lo and behold – big surprise – they meet their “soulmates” while crashing a wedding. The movie centers around this one “special” wedding and delivers puns and jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

Crazy dialogue, even rape is subject to ridicule in a “Basic Instinct” meets “The Accused” like way and even funerals aren’t spared a proper crashing. It’s a good laugh all through and light entertainment despite the happy schmaltzy ending. Simply put, it’s hilarious.

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