King Kong – Post Production

King Kong is not just another remake of one of Hollywood’s most classic monster movies or so Mr. Jackson claims. While the original was made over 70 years ago back in 1933 it still captivates viewers again and again or even for the first time. And it makes you wonder, whatever happened to Fay Wray, that delicate, satin-draped frame as it clung to her thigh… ahem. Ok, no singing.


Peter Jackson and his crew had their last day of Pick Ups in Post Production and we are in for a properly pumped Kong this December 14th. Check out the new King Kong teaser trailer on and tell me the dinos don’t look cheesy! I can live with cheesy dinos. Kong is gonna smack them anyhow!

If you want to find out all about the King of Kongs go visit Kong is King dot net. They have the latest scoop on all things Kong.

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