Saw (2004)

sawI saw “Saw” and there were two saws in it but one broke. Forgive the cheesy pun and let’s just stick to the things I saw for now. Not having read anything about it nor having seen any trailers I thought I am in for another splatter movie. How wrong I was. “Saw” is a classical suspense thriller/horror movie. I won’t go into detail here since it would spoil the fun for you.
There are always a few things you can complain about, like breaking into your hideout through the front gate and you not noticing your front gate has been forced open or two drills nearing a man’s head from each side while you stupidly fumble for the key to free the man instead of cutting the power. Cary Elwes as Dr. Gordon is not delivering his best performance either but it could be worse so I saw it through. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!
I slightly remember Elwes from “Shadow of the Vampire” but he didn’t leave a lasting impression I am afraid to say. This time around he left a limb behind, in a rather “impressing” manner but then again he does play a surgeon after all, so that’s what you expect surgeons to do. Veni, vidi, vici redefined! He came, saw and lost… a limb! OK, enough with the bad puns.

“Saw” is good! No, really! If you are faint of heart you might want to pass on it since it does feature quite some blood and gore and the suspense might just make you cover your eyes all the time so there’s really no point in watching Saw for you then, trust me on that one. I saw it! If you enjoy a good fright with a twist then go see it. It’s better than most movies of its genre. And, as with most of these type of movies, there’s a sequel coming soon: Saw II. Now, since Saw featured 2 saws, will Saw II sport 2*2=4 saws? We will see!

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