The Island (2005)

the_islandThe Island” is the last uncontaminated place on earth where mankind can propagate. You win the lottery and you go to the island and live happily ever after. That is what they are made to believe. It’s not a new idea and cloning has been the subject of many books and movies. “The Island” tries the “organ farm” approach, clones as insurance policy for the super rich.

It’s a conglomerate of ideas revisited for the xth time, wrapped up in nice effects and a too obvious story line. Scarlett Johansson never looked hotter on screen, I have to admit. And Steve Buscemi – as always – gets killed off in a pointless way as in all his movies (except for Ghost World).

It all hinges on Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) and his discovery about the real nature of his existence. The viewers are let in on this long before Lincoln’s discovery and we are “dragged along” as the story unfolds.

“The Island” is not a bad movie. It is well made and well acted and the sets look good it’s just that it has no surprises, no twists, no room for speculation. It’s too predictable and the “Logan’s Run” like ending was possibly the worst way to end this movie.

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