Sahara (2005)

saharaSahara is a straightforward action movie featuring shallow characters and a minimum amount of plot. Some might argue that there is enough plot to go around for the average movie goer but I beg to differ. Guy searches for Civil War tankship. Woman discovers a plague. They meet. Plot lines merge and coincidentially are solved eventually. And they lived happily ever after, including a blue lagoon kiss scene.

The acting of the two male protagonists was mainly comical, or at least trying to be and thus alienating them from the action. The action itself is sparse and the movie drags along and does little to entertain the viewer. There are some very nice landscape scenes and sunsets in the desert and what else? Penélope Cruz? Nothing worth mentioning. An average action movie.

3 thoughts on “Sahara (2005)

  1. This movie was good. It dragged in some areas but it was a good rental.

    What text are you looking at BTW on my site. From what I see via Firefox it works great. In Safari I heard it had alot of issues.


  2. It dragged indeed. No argument here. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a good movie, though. On the other hand there have been far worse movies on the big screen lately, e.g. “Legion of the Dead”.

    Regarding your site I think there’s something else wrong. I get a DB error message when I go there. The text was all OK earlier (using Firefox myself) it was just all and everything on one page which I thought could be a bit “overwhelming” to be presented with so much “text”.


  3. Oooh yes this one did drag on. I think the scriptwriter was really clutching at straws to try and make it “relevant to modern day society” by adding the WHO and the plague and the industrial criminal activity and such. This made it a film which was more busy, plot wise, than it needed to be.


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