The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

hgttgThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a “trilogy in five parts” and cannot possibly reviewed accurately without a towel wrapped around your waist. If I lost you already then this movie is not for you. You will find it blatantly stupid, utterly illogical and matching the absurdity of Vogon poetry. In the less improbable than probable case however of being a fan of Douglas Adam’s “trilogy”, you will most certainly be able to enjoy this movie as a whole or at least in (some, maybe 5) parts. That doesn’t make it a great movie but at least it can be viewed as a tribute to a man who left us with an answer without question and even though Arthur and his crewmates will find the restaurant at the end of the universe it is even more improbable if we get to see any of this ever. Maybe it’s for the best. So long and thanks for the fish!

4 thoughts on “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

  1. Aye. I think they did. Given the circumstances I’d say it is utterly improbable we ever see a better film version of it. Any fan should prepare himself a PGGB, grab a towel and go watch this movie with friends. And a good time you shall have. You can alternatively google for “towel day” and whatever you do, don’t panic.


  2. I watched half then shut it off. One of the worst movies I’ve watched. I usually never stop a movie in the middle. This is the 2nd time. The first was when I tried to watch Barney with my godson.


  3. Wait until you see Prince of Space (1959). I dare you! It’s totally unwatchable, unless you are with friends and watch the MST3K version of it. It will still be crap but hilarious. THGTTG is similiar in as much as you best watch it with friends who – as well as you – should be fans of the books.


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