Shogun (1980)

shogunBack in 1980 people were glued to the TV because of – believe it or not – Richard Chamberlain or rather Anjin-san, the character he played in one of the best miniseries ever: “Shogun“. A masterpiece.

Now I do not know about “Shogun” boosting the popularity of japanese food in America during that time or the trend of American-Japanese marriages or how many viewers really learned Japanese together with Pilot-Major John Blackthorne on his journey to become a samurai. But I can tell you this much: this journey is so gripping and vividly narrated and presented that you will be pulled into this world completely.

Toshirô Mifune playing Lord Yoshi Toranaga has such an incredible stage presence that you can just watch in awe. If you have seen any Akira Kurosawa movies you will know what I mean. On top of the brilliant acting the sets and costumes are all just beautiful and you can immerse yourself completely in this world riddled by feudal intrigue and political power games with Anjin-san right in the middle of it.

The Shogun DVD Box with an approx. run time of 547 minutes on 4 discs (plus 1 Extras disc) offers nice picture quality (fullscreen 4:3) and 5.1 DD Stereo sound and above all it delivers unmatched viewing pleasure for it’s value. Once you start watching you will not be able to stop.

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