Serenity in Europe

serenityWhile the rest of the world is ravelling in “Serenity” goodness, we over here in Europe need to wait a little longer before we can actually indulge ourselves in the visual pleasures of Joss Whedon’s latest movie.

The highly anticipated Sci-Fi spectacle is opening in theatres in France on November 2nd and it seems from all the buzz it gets on the net that it will have a hard time living up to all the hype.
Since its success will determine the fate of the whole “Firefly” franchise, people already are speculating that rather than invigorating the franchise, Joss Whedon put a nail into the coffin of any future Firefly movie. On the other hand, if “Serenity” turns out to be a hit, it will be reassuring for fans to know that the actors have already signed on for two more movies.

When talking about box office hits, Whedon says: “It’s not about a shock-and-awe first weekend; it’s about word of mouth. It’s about whether the film has legs.”
“Serenity” was No. 2 at the box office with just about $10 million, which isn’t that much but Whedon apparently hopes to stay in the charts for quite some time and maybe he’s right. After all, it still has to open in Europe!

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