Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

wg_curse_of_the_wererabbitI had a “hunch” that this movie would be fun and indeed it was. From the “HOP 2 IT” license plate to “24 carrot gold bullets” to the fact that this movie “may contain nuts”, “Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” is fun for the whole family without limitations (it is rated PG in some countries).
There are just too many carefully planted details and references to previous works to miss on first view that this alone is well worth a second and even third watch. It’s a “must have” on DVD, that is for sure.

The claymation is simply fantastic as we can expect from an Aardman production. It’s not all clay though and there is a fair amount of CGI but it integrates very well and is nicely done, in a fluffy way. Those of you who have seen previous Wallace and Gromit adventures will also recognize many of the tunes and cracking contraptions. New this time around is Wallace’s latest untested contraption, the “Mind-O-Matic”, which is going to be switched to “full suckage” for a little bit of “harmless” mind altering: “Veg bad … Veg baaaad … Veg baaaaaad …” should give you a rough idea of possible applications.

Without giving away too much of the story let me just say this much: Fluffy bunnies amass at times of a vegetable competition and being up to just no good, someone has to protect the veggies from certain destruction – in a humane way! That’s where “Pesto” comes in – no, not the Italian pasta sauce – it’s “Anti-Pesto”, the veg-protection service run by none less than Wallace and Gromit!
All goes well until one night under a full moon a rabbit changes. Needless to say that the “Were-Rabbit” wrecks havoc on both veggies and business and we are in for one hell of a rabbit hunt with a bit of a romance to boot.

All the voices are as in all “Wallace and Gromit” films very British and so is the humor. It depicts a world of English eccentricity in such an amicable way that you cannot help but giggle and grin and just have a good laugh. I had my doubts if it is going to be equally hilarious as let’s say “The Wrong Trousers” as it is rather hard to keep coming up with non-stop jokes in a feature length movie compared to a short. My doubts were unfounded to say the least. Even though it is not as hilarious as the shorts, the story is well paced and delivers silliness a plenty. For a first “Wallace and Gromit” feature length movie I must say “Well done, Nick Park!” and I am already looking forward to the next one!

Apart from Peter Sallis’ voice as “Wallace”, which we all have come to love, there’s also Ralph Fiennes as the voice of the evil scheming “Victor Quartermaine” and Ralph does a brilliant job at making this villain truly … villainous and as every real villain needs a sidekick, what would be more apt than a little grumpy puppy “Phillip” and you probably already guessed it, yes, this means “dogfight”! Who will win? Can Gromit save the day this time around? Go find out! You’ll enjoy every minute of it.

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