Shane over at and I were talking a while back about William Fichtner and I said how good he was as the local sheriff in “Empire Falls” – a great mini-series – and he thought I was talking about the sheriff in “Invasion” a Sci-Fi series unknown to me at that point. Is it mere coincidence that William Fichtner plays the role of a sheriff in both series? Needless to say, I had to check it out and I am hooked now! Thanks, Shane!

Invasion 1 – 10 Origin of Species

What do I like about “Invasion”, besides the fact that William Fichtner who plays Sheriff Tom Underlay is a brilliant actor? It’s a very slow moving show and you might get the impression that it’s getting nowhere or at least not anywhere fast enough. Patience is a virtue that is well rewarded in this case. The suspense is sublime, the ever present threat of impending doom is building up with every episode. Even though the audience knows from the start that there are “body snatchers” out there and that not everybody is who they think they are, it constitutes what makes this show so enjoyable. You know that they will find out eventually. The gradual realization of the characters and what happened to them during the night of the hurricane opens up many possible scenarios and offers a broad field of speculation, which makes it fun to watch and see how it all plays out, even if it all happens slowly. I am in no rush to find out! If you like a more sublime Sci-Fi approach to the body snatchers theme and a bit of “4400” cross over then “Invasion” is for you.

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