Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

harry_p_4As with all Potter movies I had no expectations whatsoever and the 4th instalment evolving around the The Goblet of Fire is no exception. What works well in the book, does not really transport too well onto screen, the Tri-Wizard contest is boring to watch and basically just sets the stage for the actual plot, a plot that is just too obvious and leaves no room for speculations and eliminating any possible suspense even if you haven’t read the books.

The “kids” are getting too old for their parts and Daniel Radcliffe never impressed me so far with his acting talents. However, if you like the books so much then you might also like the movie version of it.

Granted, this one is darker than its predecessors but that does not make it neccessarily better. The effects are OK but nothing I am too thrilled about either. Movies that rely on CGI too much are at risk of being shallow. Potter 4 is just that, a shallow Pop-Fairytale mass product, albeit a well made one.

Back when I finished reading the first book I immediately realized that any following book will bring nothing new. The first book was a fun read and I read through it fast. I did not read any of the other books for a long time since I knew that they’ll be just the same. I read all books now and I find myself confirmed. They are basically all the same.

Sometimes people cannot get enough of the “same” hence there will be a Potter 5. For me it’s all the same and I dare say it will be even shallower than its predecessors. Will it be entertaining? Sure. Always depends what you are looking for. Still, Potter 4 is the best of the 4. So what is my recommendation? Expect nothing and you will not be dissapointed.


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