Firefly Season 2

So there are people who want to see a second season of “Firefly” and I wager the number is numerous! Browncoats are everywhere and since Fox and UP are not getting the message (the signal apparently was stopped right before their office doors) someone else is trying to put Serenity back into the ‘verse over at Wait until Joss Whedon hears of this.

I find it amusing to think an “independent” production company could acquire the rights to the show let alone pull this off without Joss Whedon on board. What are they thinking? Money? Cha-Ching? Get real, smell the humus! As much as I want to see “Firefly” in the air again, it cannot happen without proper financial backing from a studio that let Joss do his thing.

2 thoughts on “Firefly Season 2

  1. Detailed info on the man behind FireflySeason2 dot com:

    “Investigating FireflySeason2 dot com”:

    The man behind FFS2, Ace Underhill, responds and explains:

    A Whedonesque thread surveying the brouhaha:

    SciFi Wire interviews Underhill and Whedon’s spokesman:

    Whedonesque comments on the SciFi piece:


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