HP pavilion zd7000 Woes

Back in Nov. 2004 I bought a HP zd7000 notebook and I was very pleased. Four months later I was no longer pleased. The display on my brand new 17″ desktop replacement notebook remained black. I had to send it in for repairs. So I did and they replaced the motherboard. That all went fairly fast and I was a happy camper once again until two months ago when the same thing started all over. The display would remain black, come back on after one hour, just as it pleased. TV-Out is still working, lucky me I have a SONY TV!

Still, it seems HP does have some serious issues with some of its notebook models and what are they doing about it? Your warranty expired? Then I am afraid you need to shell out $$$ to get it fixed. If you are within your warranty period then there still is no permanent fix for you. The problem will persist, you may say it is a design flaw.

Doth the word “recall” come to mind now? Ah, well but we are talking money here! A recall will not happen, since you can use the zd7000 just fine if you only use it for a limited time and only for non CPU intense purposes. “Outrageous!” you say? Well, yes. But what can you do about it?

The “black display” problem with some of HPs notebook models is well known even at HP and you need only google for zd7000 to find other disgruntled customers. Be it on the HP tech forums or customers writing open letters or even filing a law suit.

The real question is, would it not be far more beneficial for HP to keep its customers happy? I can always buy a MacBook Pro instead…

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  1. hola! lucky to hear that you are on your feet again! RK told me that you were ill. time to check your inbox or respond to some postings so that vienna can stop worriing about you!
    I got a hp nc8230, hardware is working fine, but having a lot of SW-crashes. perhaps our admins don’t know how to set up Windows properly.


  2. another zd7000 here, 3.4 P4. (custom build_by_hpshopping)My graphics too took a dump. a smart buddie tweeked it back to an O.S. driver. that worked. didnt mind the safe mode thing one bit. then just today after a wierd three day bout of what seemed to be power jack issues. i returned to the room where she sat and heard two little pops, looked over and saw the death smoke rolling up off the fried power jack. havent even sent it in at all yet though i had it up to the send in confermationm number stage just before my buddie smacked that bitch up, a very smart coder friends’ magic touch with the viedo issue, no you cant and have his number . in the last hour i’ve spotted three seprate issues each containing forums and a long list of complaints like this one. O.S. disk partition class action lawsuit, graphics cards smokeing left and right. and now just what took mine down today, the power jack. and oh yea one more i spotted, a hit and miss issue whith the keyboard not reading keystrokes, i was cool whith that one too before today, only because it was just as speratic as the rest of its issues. dammit, i loved that machine it kept me soo warm this last washington winter. never a let down, i’d just find the smallest room, and in under an hour i’d start peelin of the layers. I nearly had to chuckle when she finaly melted down today. knowing that nothing less than a compleate replacement will be soo much shinyer

    below are text copies of just some of what I found,

    note to self: when talking with customer service just hold to your guns. fire hazard, classaction suit, the newer 8000 series had enough R&D reworking to cut the heat problem nearly in half, not to mention the quieter fans.
    they droped the hot as F! Pent. 4. for a duo chip, they dumped the nvidia grapics for the ATI (less heet fryable under a blow torch most likely). sparking jacks, smoke. keystrokes that would begin to continualy fail under the same issue (too f-in hot!). other keywords; screen flicker & horizonal lines, so just tell em you’d rather have the 8000 series than a burnt down home. three or four supervisors later it should be ending up in your favor——anyhow stick it to the man and good luck.
    below are text copies of just some of what I found, 😉 ——————————————————————–
    HP Pavilion Notebook Computer Display Problems

    I’ve gone through the trouble with HP and the zd7000 as well. 4 video failures. What I’ve learned is that there are very strict Lemon Laws in California for comsumer goods, including computers, so after 2-3 repairs on the zd7000, cite the Lemon Laws and get a replacement. Also, the replacement must be substantially identical. A replacement is on it’s way to me now.


    According to the lawsuit, consumers’ displays “black out” or flicker as a result of the defect. The plaintiff in the lawsuit experienced problems with his display during the warranty period and sent his computer to HP for repair. Less than four months after his computer was returned but after the warranty period expired, the display went black again. This time, HP demanded more than $600 to fix the problem. He says HP should permanently fix the problem at no cost or replace his entire computer with a defect-free equivalent or better model, and that HP should do so for every other consumer whose HP computer has similar backlight display problems. He also wants HP to return any money it has collected thus far to repair the defective computers.

    Green Welling has been contacted by many consumers with similar complaints. A search of HP’s website reveals that the company is aware of backlight display problems with several of its computer models.


    HP Pavilion ZD 7000


    Green Welling filed a nationwide class action in the Northern District of California on behalf of all persons who purchased an HP Pavilion ZD7000 series notebook computer (“Pavilion”).

    The complaint alleges that the Pavilion overheats and cannot effectively dissipate the heat produced by its various components, such as the video card. The high amount of heat produced by the notebook results in numerous malfunctions. For example, the display will show vertical red lines and other checkered patterns and without warning the screen will go blank and reboot in safe mode. Often, overheating causes the Pavilion’s power jack to loosen and provide insufficient power to the notebook. Plaintiff alleges that Hewlett-Packard Co. (“HP”) is aware of this problem yet refuses to warn Pavilion owners of the problem or adequately and efficiently repair the problem. .

    Plaintiff, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated, seeks injunctive relief requiring HP to cease its unlawful practices, as well as monetary relief including reimbursement of amounts Pavilion owners paid to repair their defective notebook.

    If you have experienced this problem, or would like more information about the lawsuit, please contact us at (415) 477-6700 or by e-mail at: gw@classcounsel.com.

    HP on the well known bad AC Power problem

    HP recalls battery packs



    Hewlett Packard is recalling about 135,000 battery packs for some HP and Compaq laptop computers because of reports they overheated and melted, the Palo Alto, Calif., company announced Friday.

    The lithium ion rechargeable battery packs are used with HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario, HP Compaq and Compaq Evo laptop computers.

    The company has received 16 reports of the batteries’ overheating; four cases occurred in the United States.
    The recalled packs bear a barcode label starting with GC, IA, L0 or L1.


  3. The following details my dealings with HP Customer Service over a notebook failure from the zd7000 series caused by a manufacturer defect that has been acknowledged by HP.
    I first contacted HP Germany in Feburary via HP e-mail support on Sun Feb 26 11:45:10 EST 2006
    They sent me on to HP France who managed after NUMEROUS phone calls to pick up the faulty unit on MARCH 27th 2006.

    After almost 2 months without any progress I filed an official complaint with the Voice of the Customer program at HP with the help of someone at HP.

    I then got a phone call from HP Concerns that they will send the unit back to me repaired the next day. The next day no one came. The following day the TNT courier came and I powered up the unit only to find HP has used an older graphics card model geForce go5600fx instead of the 5700fx model. This happened without even a hint and I was surprised HP would dare to forego their own warranty regulations and try to trick their customers in such a way.

    I complained once more via Voice of the Customer. I again was called back promptly after I filed the complaint. But only that they will pick the unit up once more and repair it with the correct part. One month passed…

    Since then I received 3 SMS on my mobile (last one on 15.6.2006) stating that they were waiting for the required parts and 1 phone call stating that they will probably receive the required part end of June and that it will take 2 more weeks then before I will receive the unit back.

    On June 26th it has been 6 – SIX – months, i.e. HALF a year since I have asked HP to AGAIN repair a notebook that has already been repaired for the exact same issue and has a 99% probabilty to break again due to a manufacturer defect.

    And it just so happened that they delivered the repaired unit on the 21st of June, dirty, the lid scratched and a hair thin crack on the left hand corner. It was however working – at least for 4 weeks.

    Today, 23rd of July, I again have the same hardware defect I had before. Whenever the zd7000 notebook goes into Sleep Mode the LCD would shut off and not switch back on unless I try and power the notebook off and on. This works for a certain amount ot time until this too fails and the LCD will remain black no matter what.

    Now it is the third time and according to EU law I am entitled to get my money back or a new notebook. Let us wait and see how that goes…


  4. After more than half a year Hewlett-Packard finally agreed to buy back my zd7000 for the full purchase price. The unit was in repair for the same defect three times and was at the HP repair center for more than 5 months in total. This is the end of the zd7000. It will be picked up tomorrow and be declared DOA as it should have been half a year ago.


  5. If it is any help to anybody, we have about 250 HP nc8230 laptops bought last year and this year. We are having problems with an increasing amounts of display problems. The backlight goes off and all you see is the data on the screen. HP is telling us there is no problems with the display and to turn off the ambient light sensor. It does not matter if the sensor is on or off, it stills happens. Some times we can get the backlight back on by tapping on the on-off button. Other times by holding the FN key and f11 to turn on and off the ambient light sensor or holding the FN key and f9 or f10 to adjest the contrast. But more ofter we have to restart the computer. It is becoming a real problem and I would like to find a resoult for the problem. O yes, one time we sent one into HP for repair and they said the hard drive was bad and they replaced it and than told us the software on the hard dive was messed up so they had to reload the hard drive.
    Good luck


  6. My zd7000 has a bizzare display problem as well. The screen boots up split into uneven quadrants and the left hand side cannot be seen at all. It’s unusable. Has anyone had similar problems?


  7. My daughter started having problems with her dv5218nr 45 days after purchase – still within warranty, but just long enough to not be able to get full refund from the store. It has been weeks since they diagnosed SMART failure and “ordered” a new hard drive. It still hasn’t been shipped. They keep saying it is on back order. Does this mean the hard drives on all the dv5218nr models are going out and they can’t keep up with the replacement demand? Meanwhile, she has no computer for school and we’ve had no remedy options offered to us. On top of that, software wasn’t included in box (isn’t these days, I guess), and won’t be installed on new hard drive, so they charged me for it plus overnight charges – so I’d have it in a hurry to sit on the desk. Anyone else heard of problems with HP Pavilion Notebook dv5218nr. Is this just a cheap computer?


  8. A friend of mine had HD troubles with his new Mac Powerbook 3 days after purchase. These kind of things can happen with any notebook and any brand I am afraid and is no indicator for “cheapness”. As for supply and demand, this can be problematic for one specific retailer to get one while another has 100 in stock. I would say it was just bad luck. Hope everything is working again soon!


  9. Thanks for your reply. I noticed the bottom part of your reply that was in my email, about being HP free, got cut off from this site. It is actually HP who has promised me a replacement Hard Drive and keeps telling me it is on back order, not the retailer. I will never buy an HP again.


  10. I just called HP customer service about the a/c power plug problem and the fan running non-stop. I was told that one) I am out of warranty, which I already knew and two) the computer is obsolete for service–no more parts being manufacturing for these problems. Then they tried to notify me of what products they now have available. Like I’d buy another? LOL!


  11. My buddy and I bought a pair of these almost exactly 3 years ago. Since they weren’t cheap (and we were enjoying a nice discount from a friend of ours at a retailer), we sprung for the 2-year “no questions asked” warranty.

    My friend found that money well spent: at least 2 trips back to HP for repairs. First for a dead hard drive, then for a dead HD controller, and then I think another time for a second dead hard drive. Since the controller is probably built into the mobo, I’m assuming that he got a complete replacement of everything inside the chassis, except maybe for the CD-ROM and other assorted, non-mobo-related things.

    For me, it was money well-advised but ill-spent: I never had a service call for the past 3 years. Until I returned from Italy a few months ago.

    A day before travelling, my power external supply started popping and buzzing, and sometimes not working at all. When the computer was off, it wouldn’t even charge the battery. I left the dead PS at home and went off with the typical 20 minutes of battery left on the unit.

    When I arrived, I stopped at a retailer and picked up a generaic 135W replacement PS, which also popped and buzzed. 😦 At least this one would recharge my battery: I could charge the battery and then use the machine for a little while.

    Since the PS didn’t help, I returned it, and I need to pay (out of warranty!) to have it repaired. It’s toally worth it for me, since the (flat rate) price to repair is easily 1/3 of what I’d pay for a new machine (even though the new one would beat the pants off this one).

    Before it’s power supply death, I experienced something like the “back screen” everyone seems to be talking about. Often, it had nothing to do with sleep, hibernate, etc. I could even simply close the case and open it back up and have the screen go black (and I didn’t have sleep-on-case-close enabled).

    Often, simply closing and re-opening the case several times would fix the screen. Sometimes I would have to use the “external display” function-key combo a couple of times, but only once did I ever have to reboot. It did not seem to be related to temperature, duration of use, etc.

    Another screen issue: sometimes the screen would come on and all of the blues would be (for lack of a better term) “shimmering”. I leave all my Windows XP colors to the defaults ’cause I’m not a fan of all that tedious and irrelevant customization. That means that the standard blue background of the desktop as well as the login screen (I don’t use the Welcome screen) looked like blue-tinted TV static.

    You could drag a (white) window around the screen and the display would keep up, with only the blue parts shimmering. Totally weird, and impossible to use. Usually a reboot would help, but in a few occations, it did not.

    All in all, I have to say that I’m relatively happy with my experience, but I never actually called HP for service (maybe that’s why I’m not stark raving mad). It hasn’t lasted as long as I would have liked (4 years was the optimistic plan), but until now I haven’t had any serious problems.

    I *do* agree that this notebook was pretty much a total failure on HP’s part, though: tons of hardware problems, heat issues (it’s damn hot!), etc. The new version is what the old version ought to have been.

    Oh, well. 😦


  12. I still have the EU version of the power supply for the zd7000, in case someone needs a replacement (it is/was working just fine). I will be more than happy to ship it to them, I’ll only have to charge for the shipping costs.

    I am currently notebook free, just built myself a 2.4GHZ Dual Core 2 PC and am enjoying it with my new Samsung 215TW 21″ widescreen LCD.

    A few details:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (Conroe) E6600 2400MHz 4MB Box
    Motherboard: Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    RAM: Kit 2x1024MB Corsair DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 CL4
    VGA: 1024MB Asus GeForce EN7950GX2
    Sound: Creative X-FI Extreme Music
    HD: 2x 320GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.10rpm sATA II 16MB
    DVD: Plextor PX-760SA/T3
    CASE: Coolermaster Mystique RC-632 Black Alu
    PSU: Seasonic S12

    Still, a 13″ notebook needs to be bought soon. Maybe a Macbook, maybe a Vaio, certainly no HP.


  13. i work at a animation studio in the bay area. i, along with 4 other fellow employees, bought the zd7000 at the same time. we all loved them at first. the lovely 17 inch display and beefy hardware made us proud of our HP purchases. a laptop that could handle all of our cpu/graphic intence software with ease, made the zd7000 the perfect fit. that is, until a few months of using our machines. one by one, we each ran into the “black diplay issue”


  14. Well I happy, well really not, to see I am not alone having problems.
    My problem is with Best Buy. I bought the 3 year warrenty. The ac power supply went bad after the 1 year period, they replaced it with an after market supply, I have had to cut the insulation back at the p/s plug for it to work. 2 weeks ago the cooling fans started making a squeeking noise (bad bearings) the local best buy concured with my diag’s and sent it back to their third party repair center. Now today 2 weeks later I get it back, cleaned but no repair, because there was no problem found. I am a MSCSE and have done main frame repairs for 20 years pc repair since 1993 and silicone graphics repairs for 15 years. I know a bad fan sound. But Best Buy says it is ok, I only have 2 months left on my warrenty, asked for the local supervisor of the Geek Squad, what a joke, to call me but the Dickson City, Pa. close to Scranton , Pa has not called me yet. So a word to the wise all I buy now is Dell. Have laptops 6 years old still ok. HP, what junk. Now Compaq and I belive DEC are owned by them.


  15. I have a ZD7000 which is having the video issue as well :(… It’s out of warranty and I’m not sure I want to go through the typical fight with HP customer service to get them to replace their crappy choice of equipment… I’ve seen a couple of random posts saying that if I scream loud enough I can get the repair done for free. We’ll see……..


  16. Response to Ben’s problem :
    Oct 3rd, 2006 at 21:21
    My zd7000 has a bizzare display problem as well. The screen boots up split into uneven quadrants and the left hand side cannot be seen at all. It’s unusable. Has anyone had similar problems?

    I had similar problem with ZD7009EA: the rear connector is not well connected to the flat screen !! Just remove the six hidden screws all around the screen, pull the first protection carefully (take care of the small ergo on the right lower round shape) Unscrew the whole 12 small screws, remove the back screen protection (be kind with the wifi wire !) Then just remove the two yellow adhesive tapes if the main wire is not straight, and push the connector into the lcd controller board. It should fix your problem without anylonger than half an hour and the only needed tool is a small sharp cross screw driver !
    You can boot up the system to check connection is ok before re-assembling the whole screen. I hope this post will help you and others regarding to these bullshit problems on HP’s laptop…
    Good Luck


  17. I got my zd7000 about 2 years ago. I had to send it back while it was still under warranty, once for a power issue. That was about June 05. It was repaired and mailed back to me. No problems until about Jan 1, 2007. Turned it off about 10:00 pm. Next day tryed to log in… Black screen. I trouble shot the problem about 30 minutes. On a screen I could not see unless, I held a flashlight up to it. I just assumed it was a backlight. Knowing full well my warranty had expired. I contacted HP to see what it would cost to repair. They quoted me $745. Almost half what I paid for it. I laughed, and asked “Sam” to repeat this quote 3 times. Said no thank you, and hung up. I contacted Geek Squad today to see what they would charge to do it. They told me to get a new laptop. He said they would charge more than HP to fix it. I went online today researched how to repair it, and priced the light. Only $14.99. I took my machine apart, measured the light, removed it, and put it back together, in less thab 1 hour. I guess now I’m waiting for delivery of my new light. Why is it that a person who has moderate computer knowledge can repair and maintain these machines, for pennies? When these so called experts charge everyone asronomical prices. It’s a shame.


  18. I bought 10 nx6110 notebooks and all 10 have had screen failures, still under warranty, but HP does NOT fix them. They all come back work for a week, then same problem. (tired of dealing with tech support in India)

    Also had the zd7000 crap out on me, will NEVER buy HP anything.


  19. i too am the not so proud owner of the zd7000cto notebook.mines took a display dump this week and is now back at HP for repairs.i also had the zd7020us model which was stolen 2 weeks ago.(well that one was insured and now i can buy another one but it won’t be an hp).that took the same dump in october 06 and hp repaired it but with a lesser video card.i will seriously think twice about buying another notebook from HP seeing these high priced notebooks a very unreliable.


  20. just to let everyone know: HP will repair the display and motherboard/video card issues for free(doesn’t that tell you something)


  21. well i got my zd7000a notebook back today.it is no longer a zd7000cto but now a zd7000a.HP replaced the motherboard.i now have the ati video card not the nvidia but i’m not a gamer so i don’t care.what bothers me is that they damaged the lcd casing and if i didn’t notice it when i took it out of the box they would have gotten away with it.now here we go again.HP is going to repair there ill famed piece of hardware once again.


  22. The same happened when mine was returned after the second repair. I sent it straight back. You do know that you have the right to demand your money back after having the unit returned 3 times for the same issue? It will take a long time though…


  23. i know but what i’m going to do after this 3 month warranty is over is purchase the 3 year extended warranty and when that expires i will get rid of it because it will be old and outdated.


  24. well here i am again. my zd7000cto when dead again.i just got it back last week from hp.it’s been back there 3 times already and now they are going to send me another box to send it back again.this time it goes up for auction on ebay with it’s replicator expansion base.i had this laptop totally refurbished and now it just keeps developing issues.good bye hp and it’s problems.


  25. My wife has owned an HP Pavilian zd7000 laptop for about two years. Our problem: It generates a huge amount of heat and sometimes shuts down at random. The performance of the laptop has been marginal at best. Anyone else out there with this problem? Do we have any recourse as consumers? After this experience, I will probably never buy another HP laptop again. In fact, this has probably pushed me to become an Apple convert!

    — Alan


  26. well before i got the chance to put it on ebay it went black again.wow,I ONLY HAD IT BACK FOR 2 DAYS.this notebook is incredable.it is reall a piece on crap.hp is fixing it again.i will try to get a new compareable priced one free in exhange for that junk of mines.i will keep everyone updated.


  27. The zd7000 Series should have been recalled by HP but here the customer’s inertness plays in HPs favor hence there is no need to recall what is de facto a defective manufacture. I can only wish you the best of luck with either getting your money back (which I did, the full 1,700 €) or getting rid of the zd7000 for good.

    I am currently looking at a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ4MN, very nice, however a bit pricey. I decided against a Powerbook in the end simply because it does not deliver the performance I want and I take performance over style any day.


  28. I to have had trouble with my zd7040 us pavilion the keyboard controler has failed it is out of warrenty but they have agread to fix it. The online tech keep asking me if there was something wrong with the moniter when is said yes he said send it in for repair. I just sent it in so will see what will happen


  29. My zd7380us had four motherboards replaced, they then replaced the board with the ATI calling it a zd7000a. It has been working great since! However, the graphics don’t quite perform as well as the Nvidia. Has anyone else experienced this?


  30. yes that’s about par.i once had a ZD7000 CTO but they replaced the MB with the ATI video card also.i really didn’t care because i’m no gamer.now my notebook is a ZD7000A CTO( still a piece of shit).i am in the process of taking pic’s so i can put it up for sale on ebay.i am selling my notebook with the expansion base port replicator.i’ve had enought of this HP garbage.it goes with the 90 day HP warranty.it has been completely refurbished so i hope it will perform for someone who cares.oh by the way mines have been back to HP 5 times.


  31. Hey should I be angry that hp took out my nvidia card (don’t remember what it was) and put in an ati x600?


  32. The whole gaming issue isn’t a factor…I just want to know if I was screwed once angain by hp. I once was a WOW addict, but now I’m over computer gaming.


  33. jared only you can answer that question. if you are happy with your computer now, then it’s no but if you’re not then the answer is yes.


  34. Wow, so gratifying to learn that this zd series notebook has been so consistently causing others problems and that I wasn’t just the single unlucky guy who bought one of these lemons. Glad to read about the guy who mentioned the strict CA lemon laws, I’ll have to put those to use next time. I had a zd 7000 that was just unusable by virtue of its overheating so frequently, and shutting down, and having me wait for the bootup and all that to complete, just to repeat the cycle all over again. I thought it was some software issue, and I did a complete msconfig unchecking of box after box, crash after crash, until I exhausted all configurations. I even crashed in safe-mode a few times. I contacted technical support from microsoft, and just all in all expended a great deal of effort trying to troubleshoot this random problem. In the future I’ll be sure to get a hold of a thermometer to have some quantitative data for how hot these machines get. After exhausting the possibilities and hearing from 3 different tech support sources that overheating was suspected I finally wrote HP a lengthy complaint letter. I was put in contact with executive customer service and offered a new replacement unit (dv8000). Though I have not had the zd7000 woes of my previous monster this unit too has started to lose its heat dissipating ability through heavy use, just like the zd7000 seemed to have done as its ability attenuated it time, being more and more susceptible to overheats than whet I first purchased it, as if the fan’s motor was slowly falling apart or something. If the lawsuit is still on, lemme know about it.

    Thanks guys


  35. I bought a hp pavillion zd 7000 and always use it in my desk plug in all the time. After a year start working out of my office and find out that the battery was dead and not charging. Well I replace with a new one cost $150 and now having problem with the D/C power jack.
    Best buy wants $250 to repair it and take 4 weeks. I took it to a local computer place and cost me $90. The repair last few months and the problem start all over again. After my frustration with this power jack and told that the repair will cost between $150 to $250, I decided to take the computer a part and see what is going on with this power jack. Well the positive leg on the back going to the motherboard was broken and can not found a replacement in town because need to be special order. I went to Home Depot and bought a soldering kit for $17.95 tax and took the computer a part. Remove the power jack by heated the old solder and rebuild the positive leg with a paper clip and apply some melting solder directly onto heated part. Now this power jack is super strong and hp should fix this problem and have stronger power jack with stronger leg into the motherboard. Good luck and look for the assembly info online before do anything.


  36. Dudes, ZD7000 IS GREAT!!!

    Let me say, i bought my HPzD7000 in sept 2004, still going strong (its a 2.8 Ghz pentium 4). I sent it back once for new DVD writer (warrenty). But i am a movie-buff, There is no laptop DVD writer in existance that will turn industrial output quotas on DVD writing. (Must have burned 50 of them the first week alone).

    Although i like the hardware, HP support is completely dogshitt, horseshitt, bullshitt, eliphant shit.

    First they had a phone you could call (Here in Holland) and presto, you could order parts like bigger harddrive or whatever… Now the company has a “procedure” which involves a “fracking” innavigational website. Where you have to plough through several layers of complete fracking menus just to order a fracking 7×12 screwset.

    Man so to solve my problems with HP i did:

    1) By a HPZD7000 (pdf) service manual (available for free from me)
    2) Order the HPZD7000 parts NOT form HP (cause the memory and WIFI, and harddisk are generic size interface) Therefore only paid half price. (HP is charging way to much)
    4) Replaced the fracking power connector on the board with a generic one, cause plugging the power cable in and out for 2 years losened the connector causing sparks, resitance heat (7AMPs at 19V , so you do the math)

    Yeah this thing is fracking hot, just wrote this mail after i noticed that the heat exhaust on the left side made the plastic power cable (which was casual drapping off the left) “softer”.

    Man and the noise of the fan, is like a fracking vacuuum cleaner..

    So yeah, great product but HP sucks totally, but what am i gonna do having bought the product… fix the fracking thing myself. Now, i am thinking about replacing the cooling block (which is very large heatsink attatched to 2 noisy fans). with a fase-shift cooling system…. dont know looking in to it will get back to you.


    use the MBM5.exe to control your temperature health.

    Google for it


  37. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one with these problems.

    The notebook tends to overheat regularly, and if I try and use it on my bed, couch, carpet, ect. it will usually shut itself down within a matter of minutes. Not that I do that too often, but it would be nice to think a laptop could sit on my lap without causing first degree burns.

    However, I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix the problem someone above referred to as the “blues”? On my POS it’s not so much the blues as the reds, which are vertical red lines that show up when any pure black is on the display. So if my screen saver is supposed to be a blank screen it shows up like a pinstripe red and black pattern.

    Pure white has blue pinstripes and there are similar issues with any of the base primary colors. It’s pretty goddamn annoying.

    If I had the money I would just buy a different notebook altogether, but in the meantime I would settle for my screen being fixed. Any suggestions?


  38. What a piece of cr@p zd7000 is…
    Right, where shall I start from? A friend of mine got it around 2004 – the battery died at some point, and then the power jack. Both were replaced under warranty. Then he gave the laptop to me at some point, and I’ve had the same power jack problem – since the warranty expired, this had to be repaired at my own expense.
    Now, guess what? Power jack AGAIN! I went to chat online with HP and was told the laptop needs to be repaired at an Authorised Service Centre, who, I have no doubt, will charge me half the price of a new laptop for another Permanent Temporary Fix. Another problem here is that the DVD Drive doesn’t read half of the discs! I have to spin some discs before quickly shutting the tray, and some are still unable to be read (OS says “no media”), while the same disc can be perfectly read in another drive.

    Someone mentioned Lemon Laws in California – what exactly are they and may I take advantage of them if I reside in the UK? And what is the best way to contact HP to get hold of somebody in the US (California?), UK or Netherlands – anything English-speaking except India?

    To everyone who managed to get his/her zd7000 replaced (for a better model) – what is the process you followed?

    I would be very grateful for any help you could give me – I am really fed up with HP and its zd7000 which feels like it’s going to melt due to the heat, and in addition I am a full-time student so I could not possibly afford to pay up hundreds of pounds to get this piece of… erm, equipment repaired.


  39. Jonathan

    “GREAT” is what i call the product ZD7000, i have it for 3 years now and only the DVD drive gave me problems (DONT BURN WITH THAT SUCCER, NO LAPTOP DVD WRITER CAN TAKE HUGE AMOUNTS OF BURNING)

    Dogshit: The Service if HP. Better fix it yourself.

    I love this laptop, its just great technology.

    PS: IF you want to replace parts. Check out eBay, i bought a new DVD burner/player for 70 Dollars (including shipping to Holland). A new one from HP would have cost me 187 euros (thats over 200 dollars)

    FUCK HP!

    Nice ZD7000 though!!

    I Burned through my third power adaptor today. (third one in three years). I run Oracle10g on this thing for while developing java software in eclipse. Man this ZD7000 is a MONSTER!!! It just tears everything apart. I just love this beast!!

    Paulus: “…and then the power jack…”

    Yep, you have to solder it yourself on the motherboard, mine was kinda loosy after 2 years. So i opened it and say the problem. The connecting surface with the power jack is way to small (i think this is also a heat issue, so many Amps going to a bad connection).

    Scrape the surface around the connection point so you can see the copper of the motherboard circuit. Then use a big clump of soldering metal to connect to the surface.

    Problem permenantly gone!!


  40. Flying Dutchman, the problem is a bit less straightforward than usual this time… Basically, when the laptop is switched OFF, I can charge the battery from the AC power supply.

    If the battery is out, and the power supply in, and I am trying to switch the laptop on, the LEDs only flicker once, and then the laptop switches off and stops recognising the presence of AC Power (thereby requiring the ‘power drain’ procedure).

    If both the battery and the power supply are in, and I switch the laptop on, the power source starts alternating between the AC Power and the battery, approximately once a second – i.e. the AC Power indicator on the laptop constantly switches off and on. Might look like the power supply is not delivering enough amps, but I am not sure…


  41. Paulus, read this preveous post of “John”

    “…. bought a hp pavillion zd 7000 and always use it in my desk plug in all the time. After a year start working out of my office and find out that the battery was dead and not charging….”

    Sounds familiar?

    Whats going on?.

    John quote; “…I decided to take the computer a part and see what is going on with this power jack. Well the positive leg on the back going to the motherboard was broken …”

    There it is, mine was still intact but hardly connected to the motherboard (solder tin was broken). But essentially its the same thing. You cant draw 6 Amps through hardly connecting copper elements. There is also a danger of frying your electronics because of arcing charges if the connection is too loose.

    How me and John fixed it:

    Soldering Iron. Have a GOOD connection, its that simple.


  42. My first problem with my ZD7000 involved overheating and an awful burning smell and smoke coming out of the unit. Turns out the power supply burnt up the mother board and melted the power connector.

    They replaced the mother board and put in a new heat sink and fan and a new CD R/W component.

    A year later, the second time, the fan would go into noisy overdrive and it would heat up and shut off.

    The third time, (just this last month) it started overheating again and shutting down. When I got it back, they now call it a ZD7000A. My three year warranty is up in October and when I asked to renew my warranty plan, they said that the option was not available to me.

    Now that I have the computer back, (it’s only been a week) the screen flickers and the computer shuts down to hibernate. A message will come on before hibernation telling me to switch out of battery mode which of course I am not in.

    I use my computer for our small at home business and this piece of *** is totally ruining my life.

    Thanks to all of have taken the time to post. I’ve been pulling my hair out and even though it doesn’t fix the problem, it sure helps to motivate me to try and do something about this.

    Any more info on that lawsuit??? I’m in the SF East Bay.


  43. I have a zd7000.I bought it 16 months ago.I had two problems with the the batery and the fan nonstop working.The batery lasts at the begining 1h15min after 1month it drops at 15-20 mins until now,i have done all the “service” like recharge and discharge,or run in safe mode etc,u know the calibrating stuff.I give up and just work with the ac power all the time.About the fun nonstoping problem,since the begining it was always like this,over heat,terrible sound.I got used now,but if anyone now how to fix by myself ,tell me.

    Valsi, Albania.


  44. I have one of these pieces of s$%t zd7000. It has had the ac adapter, hard drive and mother board all replaced at different times under warranty. Now it is out of warranty and the mother board has fried itself again. All I need to know is how to get in on the class action lawsuit or if that one is over if we can start a new one. This is stupid, spend this kind of money on a piece of equipment for it to quit and HP do nothing. I have two monster desktops I built myself and a new vaio I bought last month when my HP quit. I can’t do my job without a laptop. That does’nt change the fact that I/we paid good money for something and got screwed. There is power in numbers. Can anyone tell me who to contact to jump on the lawsuit.


  45. Wow i can’t believe that so many people are havong prolems with htis laptop. I purchased my laptop from circuit city in march 2005. I did not use it everyday. But as time progressed I noticed that it overheats quickly. One time I burned my thigh b/c I had it on my lap. I always made sure that the fan was no blocked. So I would always place a book or something under it leaving the heat sink clear to ventilate. For the most part, that would work fine. Well last night out of the blue, my friend tried to use my laptop and it started smoking, not cigarettes though you would have thought so. So we playe daround with it for a while. we noticed that the indicator light on the ac adapter would blink when you insert it into the laptop. but wouldn’t when you removed it. So i tried to turn on the laptop with out the adapter and it turned on for 5 minutes. My battery had no life in it.
    So I called Circuit City to find out about my warranty and they told me that it expired already and they can’t renew it. Though they were supposed to send me notification before my warranty expired so I can renew it. The rep told me that there was a battery recall and to try to find out if my battery was one of the ones listed. he also told me that i should remove the battery,plug in the ac adapter into the laptop, and hold the power button for 60 seconds. So i did it. Well who the hell told me to do that. I thought my laptop was going to go up in flames, and catch on to my livingroom carpet.
    Well then I called HP to see if they could help me and the rep told me that I would have to pay approx $300 (or more depending on the techinian) to have it serviced. And it would only be guaranteed for 3 months (for the same problem). We went to Best Buy and the rep at the geek squad didn’t even flinch to help us. He just told us that there is nothing they can do and told us to go to HP. oh great thaaaanks!!!!
    So i opened the heatsink to see if i can see waht was actually going on. Well the heat sink was as black and burnt. I plugged it in to see where he smoke is coming from. Sparks started flying where you plug the adapter into the laptop. It was the 4th of July in my apt. and i saw fire. someone told me to buy another heatsink, but I am not sure if that will fix the problem. I am not IT savvy, so I don’t know how to do it myself. I live in Atlanta. Can anyone tell me where I can go to have my computer fixed in which i will have to donate blood, my ovaries, a kidney, or a few toes and a middle finger to pay for it? I really need to get some files off my computer.


  46. I need help. I was told I can “reconfigure” my computer to fix the problem with it overheating and then shutting down. It does this in battery mode AND in AC mode. PLEASE help? I have the zd7000. UGGGG

    please email me at makelena@aol.com


  47. I have a ZD7040 that is also having the power connector problems. I’ve had it back for service 3 times for the connector, and it’s starting to act up again, and this time my 3 year extended warranty is up. When the power works on the thing it’s OK, but I’ve been without use of this machine for about 8 weeks now total that I’ve owned it, and once when it went back, they traded my DVD/R drive out for a CD/R drive… I’m also in if there’s any sort of lawsuit that goes forward – this is just plain faulty engineering, in my not-very-expert opinion. I’ll have to do some research on what the laws about warranties are in CA.


    client brought me laptop with display problem, bootig up, there was a lot of vertical white lines on the laptop’s screen. White lines were flickering and inside of white lines there were or diferent symbols or pink, green lines. Sounds fun.
    So reading these posts ant other on the net, foud that this machine is overheating. This can be a problem with dust inside of a cooler, simple cleaning would resolve the over heating. And putting the laptop on flat hard surface allways.
    So, I connected laptop on external monitor, and found same white lines. This can be a symptom of failure of graphic processor. Anyway, I UNISTALLED graphic driver, and external monitor was showing normal picture.
    Now the screen of laptop is white and blure.
    I will continue resolving this and post again.

    Milos Korac


  49. I also purchased a zd7000 series notebook that I loved right up until the time the monitor started going black — would go into hibernation and would not power back up. I would have to turn the computer on and off continuously until it would finally power the monitor back up. Then one day that wouldn’t work. Took it to a local HP repair shop and was told that the motherboard was bad and needed replaced. This was in December 2006 – Not one word from this “HP authorized “repair center that they new there was a problem with this notebooks. They wanted $780 to replace the motherboard and told me they would not guaranty that the repair would fix the monitor problem. I purchased a replacement computer instead of the costly repair. I have been holding on to the zd7000 waiting to get mad enough to send it back to HP as a paperweight since thats all its good for!! Now I find out about this class action lawsuit. Has anyone had any luck with calling HP to get the repairs done without waiting for the court settlement?


  50. Do an online chat at hp.com like I did.

    Michelle: Welcome to HP Total Care for Pavilion Notebooks. My name is Michelle. How may I assist you today?
    Steve: is it true All ZD7000 Display issues are now repaired Free of Charge
    Steve: i’m reading this on zd7000 forum lots of people are
    getting free mobo
    Steve: i have this same problem bad graphics chip/mobo
    Michelle: In this regard, I will arranage a free mail in service to fix the issue.
    Michelle: Is that fine with you?
    Steve: very fine, thank you

    This is a quote from the zd7000 forum of hp chat by mbuchman
    posted 11/14
    I guess I don’t have that problem since my zd7010 was built before 4/04

    “After reviewing our database, I noticed that the notebooks manufactured prior to April 12th 2004 are eligible for the service alert for the HP Pavilion zd7000 notebooks. As your notebook is manufactured on July 25 2004, we will not be able to pick up your notebook for free service.”


  51. Thank you Steve! I initiated an online chat with an HP support person today. I should be receiving a fed-ex box for the return in 2-3 days. According to the support tech the repair will be for free. Will keep you all updated when I get the computer back.


  52. Update to 11/24 post: Receive confirmation e-mail from Hp today stating the have opened a repair order for my notebook listed as follows:

    Model Number: PF164UA
    Model Description: HP PAVILION NOTEBOOK PC ZD
    Serial Number:
    Part Number: N/A
    Part Description:

    You selected the following Hewlett-Packard
    Hardware Support Service for your product:


    Warranty Status: In Warranty

    Total charge (including tax, if applicable): $0.00
    Payment Method: No Payment

    Should I be concerned regarding the Excluding MB-CPU? This would be the motherboard, Yes? I specifically stated in the chat with the HP rep that the repair center here stated that they thought the motherboard needed replaced. When I go online to HP for the status on this order , it show the computer being returned for a defective Ryan V10 video component? Should I contact them for clarification before I send it in?


  53. for no cost let them do their thing.when you get it back it will be working but you’re not satified, then sell it. they still bring at least $600 on ebay.


  54. There has been a class action lawsuit filed for users of zd7000 Model Laptops from HP and settled on Oct 31st, 2007. If your laptop meets the criteria listed below, you may be entitled to up to reimbursements, repair, discounts, etc…visit the two links below for an in depth explanation of the lawsuit…oh yeah and it’s already been settled out of court so as long as you are an owner of the models below you are eligible for this…


    Link directly to the Federal Notice: http://www.hpnotebooksettlement.com/pdfs/Notice.pdf

    You are a Class Member if you purchased or received as a gift an Affected Graphics Card or Affected Power Connector Model notebook
    computer as follows:
    • Affected Graphics Card Models: (a) an HP zd7000 series, which bears one of the following SKU numbers on the computer label:
    (i) DN730AV; (ii) DN730AVR; (iii) DU887AV; (iv) DU887AVR; (v) DU888AV; (vi) DU888AVR; (vii) PD294AV; (viii) PD295AV; (ix)
    PF163UA; (x) PF163UAR; (xi) PF164UA; (xii) PF164UAR; (xiii) PF166UA; (xiv) PF166UAR; (xv) PF167UA; (xvi) PF167UAR; (xvii)
    PF169UA; (xviii) PF169UAR; (xix) PM018UA; (xx) PM018UAR; (xxi) PM021UA; or (xxii) PM021UAR; or (b) an HP Compaq nx9500
    series, which bears one of the following SKU numbers on the computer label: (i) PF031UA; (ii) PF030UA; or (iii) PF032UA.
    • Affected Power Connector Models: (a) an HP zx5000, zv5000, or R3000 series that has a serial number of xxx409xxxx or lower
    and which bears one of the following SKU numbers on the computer label: (i) DX995U; (ii) DS481U; (iii) DS479U; (iv) DV563AT; (v)
    DV562AT; (vi) DV561AT; (vii) DZ314U; (viii) DZ313U; (ix) DS477U; (x) DS476U; (xi) DS474U; (xii) DS472U; (xiii) DS471U; (xiv)
    DS473U; (xv) DR892A; (xvi) DR891A; (xvii) PC897U; (xviii) DU912U; (xix) DU910U; (xx) DS502A; (xxi) DU913U; (xxii) DU607A;
    (xxiii) DU608A; (xxiv) PC896U; (xxv) DZ329U; (xxvi) DZ332U; (xxvii) DZ330U; (xxviii) DS516U; (xxix) DS515U; (xxx) DS513U;
    (xxxi) DS512U; (xxxii) DS511U; (xxxiii) DV192AT; (xxxiv) DZ191AT; (xxxv) DZ338U; or (xxxvi) DZ337U; or (b) an HP Compaq
    – 4 –
    nx9100 series that has a serial number of xxx409xxxx or lower and which bears one of the following SKU numbers on the computer label:
    (i) DV102U; (ii) DW787AA; (iii) DW786AA; or (iv) DV112U; or (c) an HP zd7000 series that has a serial number of xxx420xxxx or
    lower and which bears one of the following SKU numbers on the computer label: (i) DM788A; (ii) DM789A; (iii) DM790A; (iv) DM791A;
    (v) DM793A; (vi) DP446U; (vii) DP447U; (viii) DP448U; (ix) DP684AS; (x) DR089U; (xi) DR341U; (xii) DS487U; (xiii) DS488U; (xiv)
    DS489U; (xv) DS490U; (xvi) DS491U; (xvii) DS492U; (xviii) DT859U; (xix) DT860U; (xx) DV601U; (xxi) DZ378U; (xxii) PF163UA; (xxiii)
    PF164UA; (xxiv) PF166UA; (xxv) PF167UA; (xxvi) PF168UA; (xxvii) PF169UA; (xxviii) PM016UA; (xxix) PM018UA; (xxx) PM019UA; or
    (xxxi) PM021UA; or (d) an HP Compaq nx9500 series that has a serial number of xxx420xxxx or lower and which bears one of the
    following SKU numbers on the computer label: (i) PF030UA; (ii) PF031UA; (iii) PF032UA; (iv) PR039UA; or (v) PR040UA.


  55. Forget the class action, all zd7000’s will be repaired by HP for free, as long as it’s video or connector related, as I understand. There may be a cutoff manufacture date, not sure. Mine is being repaired now. Use the HP chat to get a case started.


  56. Well, I got my repaired notebook back but it only lasted for about 4 hours before the screen wigged out! A blue vertical line started in the middle of the screen and then these wavy line started all over the screen from there. I did another support chat online with HP and the notebook is on its way back to HP for additional repairs. They didn’t even argue the fact so guess they have had this problem before. Oh, and they remodeled my notebook from a ZD7280us to a ZD7000a. I agree with nodlew’s 12/21 posting about forgetting the lawsuit. HP seems to be committed to fixing these notebooks anyway so might as well get a jump on it before all the lawsuit claims start sending in their notebooks for repairs. My repair came back the first time in 7 days. I’ll post again when I get it back this time.


  57. It will break again. All zd7000 will break again since it is a defect that cannot be fixed permanently (unless you only use your zd7000 for email/text apps every now and then).

    After sending your unit in for the same repairs 3 times you are entitled to demand your money back. I did and I got the full purchase price back. I am HP free ever since.


  58. Thanks for the input. Are you referring to a California lemon law and is it applicable if I don’t live in that state? I still believe it is a waste of time to file the claim on the lawsuit especially in light of what you say, if they can’t be fixed. The lawsuit is only demanding that HP allow owners to send them in for the necessary repairs (at least that is how the paperwork sent to me read) It will not be giving any refunds of the purchase price to registered owners. I don’t know about you , but I paid $2400 for my unit.


  59. According to the EU warranty HP has to either substitute the unit with an equivalent new one or cash back if they cannot fix the issue adequately after 3 times. I chose the latter and got the full purchase price (~$2400) refunded regardless of any lawsuits.

    Of course, that only applies if your unit is still within warranty. With each new repair the warranty period is prolonged, I am not sure for how long though.


  60. Wow! I have to consider myself lucky. I found this place because I want to upgrade my zd7000 which I bought in Dec 2003. Yes, it heavy, runs hot, and I had to replace the battery twice (every 2 years) but I have never had screen problems.
    When I ordered mine, the Internal Wireless mini-PCI card was not available. I am looking for one plus I want to add a second CPU and upgrade the memory to 2GB.
    I am looking to use my laptop for another couple of years.


  61. Sent my ZD 7000 Out for repair. Needed a new a/c Adapter side plug. Repair shop now tells me, after the replacement, it has a lose screw floating around inside and maybe shorting out the mother board. They say it’s one of HP problems. Shop said they are trying to fix for $100.00 to me,now up to @235.00 for all. Has anyone heard of this problem or it just snowing on me. (Snow Job) Have read a lot about this POS and wish I had my $$ back. The screen problem, are they still covering this as a N/C repair or as of this date. Thanks any info is welcomed.


  62. As far as I know all zd7000’s with graphics/display and/or power connector problems and maybe other problems are being repaired at no charge. HP replaced the mobo with same on my zd7010 it had bad graphics chip, seems to work good except for one power off at boot and one freeze at boot in 3 days. I’ve been using it every day for 2 weeks to watch neflix movies online. I used HP chat to setup the repair, took 3 weeks from the time I received the shipping box to get it back, xmas backlog. Also took 3 tries to get shipping box. HP said they used the wrong data base to setup the repair order which did not allow for sending of shipping box, sheesh.


  63. Well i have my notebook back for the second time.. they show a replacement of the motherboard again and that they also replaced the DVD/CD rewrite drive. Have had it back for approx one week and no problems.


  64. Well I’m glad I found this site. My issues with HP ZD7000. power jack on left side charge no charge have to move around to find sweet spot to power or charge the laptop (sounds like a common issue)bought a new ac power supply that didn’t help guess the side jack shit the bed. Hard Drive problems replaced original hard drive last year now a failure again yesterday! boot up computer and it says “Smart failure on HDO HTS548080m9at00 – (pm) back up hard drive press F1 to continue” how the hell can I back up hard drive it I can’t get to windows to back it up because if I press F1 a new screen comes up and says “a disk read error occured press cont alt del to restart” and then it repeats itself all over again. I’m wondering if I lost everything on my hard drive and it is unretreavable. This damn computer sucks. Is there anywhere I can go to get these problems fixed?


  65. Tom, You may want to try, johnsoncomputer.us/ I used Johnson to fix my sons ZD 7000. So far it’s working fine. This repair was for the AC repair only. They are in Hayward, CA and I shipped from MA Because of shipping I paid more, 2nd day delivery and insurance to CA and back. Seventy four to ship out, UPS to CA. I think S125.00 for the new ac plug, another $100.00 for the loose screw, see post above. But It’s working and my son didn’t have to spend another $2350.00 for another souped up model. Good Luck, PS got Class action paperwork a few weeks ago but no time to fillout. Your posting remnded me to finish, may be to late to jump on that bus? I’m think short of four hundred dollars back and forth for repair total. Better than $2000.00 Plus for a new one.


  66. Find out if your zd7000 is one of those listed on this site for the class action lawsuit….if it is you should initiate a HP support chat @ hp.com and tell the tech that your computer is having issues wih a power jack connection and that you have heard that your computer model is one of those that HP is repairing for free and see what they say.. You have to be very insistant, but polite with the tech to get them to understand that you know about this problem computer and that you expect it to get repaired even tho it is out of warranty. My zd had the black screen/graphic problem and although it had to be sent back a second time(they didn’t fix all the problems the first time) I have now had it back for about a month and have had no further problems with it.


    I discovered what the actual problem of the powerjack was. Its the backpin (+ 18V) The “ground” pins are secured on the board so there is no problem. The backpin however is a stiff metal rod. It doesnt bend, (if you unplug and replug the laptop to Power supply) thats the problem. After i while ( a year orso) the soldering cracks..

    Remove the backpin of the powerjack from the board and replace it with a piece of insulated whire thats long enough to be slightly curved. This way the wire folds up (like a micrometer) every time you unplug/repug the AC adaptor. There are no strains anymore on the soldering contact (which causes the bad connection).


  68. The settlement website has put an amendment to the lawsuit adding models that weren’t already listed previously. I was told in December by a lawyer handling clients of this lawsuit and he said my computer wasn’t part of the class action suit. I just looked yesterday and saw the amendment showing my model and was quite pissed that this lawyer didn’t email me to let me know about the additional models added to the settlement. I’m going to try the chat like someone mentioned with HP but we have until an April 4 postmark to get the repair through the class action suit. I’ve NEVER had a computer die on me even if some became obsolete and stopped buying HP products 2 years ago because mine only made it a week past the warranty with one power connection repair. This is crap for sure! Buy Dell and save alot of heartache!


  69. Who wants to sell his/her ZD7000 to me?

    Mail: worstel_enkomboven[removethisforspam][at]yahoo.com

    Let me know.


  70. Depends on condition, please tell me about the condition of your laptop. Configuration, ram, cpu clockspeed. etc etc. but please mail me, if you are tired of having problems come to me. But if you have spare parts i would LOVE to buy em, please dont throw them away!!


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