Lost again – The whole truth

“Lost” continues and all we can think about is “them” and “him” being a “them”. The hatch is a cozy place. Who brings your cereal? How old is it? Does it have an expiration date? Do we want to ask questions? Or are we just lost without a clue about life and the universe. Pray my friends for we are all lost and everything is lost. Behold the theatrical glue and mind the polar bear wig! And then… swirly swirly swoosh … here comes the smoky monster smoke, making trees explode and seemingly killing people. Yes seemingly! But let us focus on this new episode before we get lost in squibbly details!

We need more babies! “Lost” as a succession of birth giving women. The island needs to be populated to even out the numbers, after all, it’s us vs. them and we need a bigger golf course. Yes, Season One of “Lost” was really good but ever since Season Two this show is heading downhill faster than a speeding truck loaded with polar bear dung!

I vote for killing off Ana Lucia Cortez, Sun and Charlie all in one episode by Rambo Chuck Junior, who also crashed on the other “other” side of the island and immediately went into combat mode and hid himself in the jungle, totally submerged for the first 40 days in Polar Bear poo. “They” wake him by accident during their weekly rehearsal meeting and now Rambo Chuck Jr. is out for a killing…

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