“Thief” is doing a “Heist”

There are two new crime shows on television, one is called “Thief” (on FX) and the other one “Heist” (on NBC) and while “Thief” has the underdog thieves fighting for survival from job to job at the core, “Heist” features top of the crop masterminds planning the heist of the century (say “Ocean’s Eleven”).

“Thief” is darker, grittier than “Heist”, while the latter offers a bit more humor. Either way, check them both out and decide for yourself.

5 thoughts on ““Thief” is doing a “Heist”

  1. Heist totally rocks! But not really feeling Thief yet, but the latest episode has kind of got me going. It’s very confusing though, the whole Chinese mob thing.

    Great blog by the way.


  2. Thanks mate.

    There’s a new episode of “Heist” due tonight. Looking forward to it. And, yes, “Thief” is tougher to watch really, but as you said the 3rd episode really starts to draw you in.


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