Bring me the head of Henry Gale

Alternatively, his ID card will do just as fine. Again in episode 2×17 we are “Lost” in subplots about people’s pasts, riddled with the “evil” numbers (see saftey deposit box Nr. 1516) and the writers’ obsession of thickening the plot by distracting from it.

Henry Gale is dead. Spoiler? No! Henry Gale is white! Is he? Dead or white, does it matter? He is one of “them”, that’s all.
So, seal the hatch, drop off some new supplies while everyone inside the hatch is locked in! So that’s where the cereal comes from! I think it is time to send in Jack Bauer to get to the bottom of this. Someone is stealing fruity loops cereal and puts it in cheesy white boxes with strange logos printed on it. Messy stuff.

If “Lost” is keeping it’s current course it will be “lost” in the TV ether before you know it. There are too many competitive shows out there for mediocrity to survive for long and today’s audience is incredibly sensitive to this. Anyone I have spoken to so far agreed that Season Two is getting weaker and weaker with every show. Flashback my dear writers belong in Season One, if you have not succeeded to establish your characters after one season you never will and spending a whole episode on one character can be nice but as flashback (and not the last since we still need to find out when/how Locke lost his control over his legs)? The plot thickens… elsewhere.

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