We are lost! S.O.S. (2×19)

This week’s episode of ABC’s hit series LOST offers little to no action and all character development. There are some sweet scenes in there, brief ones that are both revealing and foreboding, so watch out for those. Other than that we again get to see an aggravated Ana Lucia, no wonder with all the steroids she has to take due to Michelle Rodriguez’s cockroach allergy.

There were and still are speculations, esp. after her legal troubles in December 2005, that the authors would write her out of the story anytime soon but that remains wishful thinking for a majority of the audience of LOST. Rumor has it though that a major player will get seriously hurt in one of the upcoming episodes.

One thing is for sure, it won’t happen while building a silly S.O.S. sign with three lines of black rocks on the beach, i.e. on sand that is going to shift with every tide…

Flashbacks are a central part of what LOST is and it fulfills its purpose of building the characters even further, however as I stated before… the plot thickens elsewhere and already there are quite a number of viewers who would rather see the island plot line advance a tiny bit faster (if we can call it fast at all) than it does now.

It’s cool to see how all the characters are connected somehow and how that reflects on them being on the island together. Rose knew Locke was in a wheelchair, so what? Someone must have seen him being carried onto the plane during boarding? How often does it happen that they carry a guy to his seat on a flight? No one would notice? Quite possibly so, because in reality we tend to blind out everything around us that does not fit into our “normal” environment.

LOST is about not telling anyone else about yourself or anything you have lost … and found. Like another hatch for example, or a pillar of curling smoke making strange noises hovering in front of your face. Ah, no, let’s not tell anyone, let’s go back to camp and build a church instead.
So the real question for you at the end of this episode is: “Did you press the button, Henry?!?!?!”

3 thoughts on “We are lost! S.O.S. (2×19)

  1. Finally got around to watching this last night. Henry’s the most entertaining of them at the moment. I hope he goes NUCKING FUTS and takes them all out. Or the bloke with the beard comes along or something. GOD ANYTHING to make somethng happen in this show.

    Do you think they could put Charlie on the smack again? Maybe we could then watch him go off it one more time… else we’ll start wanting to take it ourselves.

    Lost is such a great show, but it’s lulling me to sleep at the moment. I hope it gives me, and itself, a wakeup slap pretty soon.


  2. Charlie Charlie Charlie, he is going to build a chocolate factory you see… or wait no, only starts with ch… ends on …urch. Old hobbits die hard when it comes to his mode of behavior. Now, isn’t that a lovely pun.

    Henry is wicked. No doubt about it. Locke is getting increasingly annoying with his island babbling and the IQ average of the “survivors” in general needs some serious upward tilt or else the man with the fake beard shall come and torch them.

    Folks, sit in your hatch or at your beach for one more day, eating mangos, playing golf and I officially declare Vincent the leader of the “others”. The Thing will come and get you, courtesy of John Carpenter.

    So yes, we agree, in so many words. Rumor has it that someone will get hurt soon.


  3. I’m going to watch Episode 20 tonight and I really hope that the (main)plot is going to advance somehow, else I really think about killing the producers or something like that. I absolutely cant stand those friggin flashbacks any longer, especially when realizing that Locke indeed had a sexual relationship to Peggy Bundy. What the hell would Al think about that? Locke used to be my idol *sigh*


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