Aeon Flux (2005)

aeon_fluxCharlize Theron in black latex. I think that sums up this movie pretty much. Fans of the Aeon Flux comics must be ultimately disappointed and newcomers to the Flux universe will find themselves wondering what this nonsense is all about. The story is rushed, incoherent, makes all the wrong turns and essentially fails to deliver its main premise of a dystopian world.

The characters are all but cardboard figures and the action sequences that basically make this movie are barely enough to keep watching, if it weren’t for the added babe factor. So this movie is mainly targeted at a male audience? You tell me. At the end of the day, it’s neither the special effects nor the babe factor that make a good movie. Sadly enough Æon Flux offers nothing beyond that.

3 thoughts on “Aeon Flux (2005)

  1. I’ll be upright and honest, I’m not a big fan of science fiction movies. Infact, I barely like to watch them. But I did however watch Aeon Flux. It was the babe-like-hero thing that got me to watch it.


  2. I watched Æon Flux last night and WOW… what a fantastic flick. . .

    OK, so it’s not fantastic but I didn’t want my 92 minutes (or so) back. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t give it more than a 7 at most.


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