Supernatural is super

I stumbled upon this gritty witch hunt-like series called “Supernatural” (WB) by accident and was drawn right into it. The mix of “Ghost Busters” like humor, the Eighties rock music, the forlorn brothers on a never ending road trip theme, eager to torch that bad ass demon that killed their mother Mary, is hard to resist and on top of it offers all the thrills and spills you’d expect from a series dabbling in ancient folklore, mysticism, demonolgy and the paranormal in general.

Supernatural 1x01
“Supernatural” (1×01) – Mary must burn (3 mins. into the pilot)

The series started in September 13 2005 and is in its first season with 19 episodes so far. Each episode contains a mini story that is resolved at the end of the episode, building up the overall story arc of the main plot line. The premise? Badass demon pins monther to the ceiling and burns her alive while father and baby are watching below. Father grabs baby just in time and together with little baby brother he is forced to flee from the house that now is aflame with the fires from hell. That was November 2nd, 1982.

22 years later the brothers are well trained in the arts of busting ghosts where it hurts. Now, their father has gone missing while out for a “hunt” and so the two brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) reunite and go looking for him, killing every single supernatural thing along the way and it does get messy at times but rest easy, there are no “chick flick moments”, says Dean Winchester.

The really cool thing about all the ghost stuff is that the writers take actual myth and folklore and base their stories on them, so you might recognize certain themes and motives like the “lady in white” or the “wendigo” or the “hook man”. The usual silver bullets, salt and holy water, etc. stuff is of course also there and the trunk of their black 1967 Chevrolet Impala offers room for a lot more goodies.

I was hooked from the get go, I admit it. But honestly after all these “passive” shows that get lost week after week in flashbacks and character development, busy with spinning lies, seeding distrust and double crossing the already triple crossed, I am more than ready to simply kick some demon ass!

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