Veronica Mars Season 1 Verdict

Another 48 hours later Veronica Mars and me are best buddies, after all we’ve been through. What would that be, you ask? Without spoiling it for you, I’d say just your regular teenage high-school stuff, really. Sounds boring? Well, it would be if it wasn’t for Veronica’s relentless crusade to find out the truth about the Lilly Kane murder. As much as we’d like to say “the butler did it”, it wasn’t so and there are but a few possible choices.

Season 1 does solve this “mystery” in the end and whether or not it comes to a big surprise to you is up to your own PI skills I guess. There are quite a few (subtle) clues on who did it throughout the episodes and no I am not going to name them since that would spoil the fun for all those Veronica Mars initiates who still have Season 1 ahead of them! With the closure given in Season 1 we are left wondering mainly about Logan.

What about Veronica herself then? She would fit well into “Life as we know it” with her going through 3 boyfriends in just about 12 months – 1 every 4 months, statistically speaking. She does have a lot on her mind though, with the murder of her best friend and everyone hating her, the life as she knew it is basically over. She really needs someone she can trust, right? It’s good to see she picks the right person eventually to tell her story.

So yes, “Veronica Mars” is good and fun to watch. However, it still does not have me raving about it like I would for “Rome” or “Deadwood” or “Supernatural” to name a few but it is a solid show that really gets better as you watch. Thumbs up for Veronica and see you again in Season 2.

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