Veronica Mars – Look Who’s Stalking

Love is in the air in Neptune this week and the prom just got cancelled but thanks to our rich school mates “Alterna Prom” is the next best thing if not even better. Meanwhile, in another part of town Woody has a little mistress problem.

The season is coming to an end and this episode (2×20) brings in a few new facts and a few old ones get revisited. Even if you are starting to get fed up with the whole high school theme and the way Veronica gets her little jobs there’s always a twist or two that makes this series worth watching.

Still, this only works for so long and eventually has to come to an end. So now we know the mayor has skeletons in his closet which again comes to no surprise. We finally know who is behind the Goodman videos and we also know what the relationship between Mr. Goodman and the boy is, even if it is not mentioned directly.

We also have the “Cook Baseball scandal” cooking (pun was too tempting) and Miss Cook eventually gives in to Wallace’s charm at the Alterna Prom. What can we say but “Forget Paris!”

What about lonley Veronica “C.” Mars? All alone at the prom, just wanting to be loved… by a drunk Logan? Their relationship was “epic” he says and girls fall for such talk? Veronica apparently does but since Logan is true to himself we can count on the “tears be shed in the end” scene.

Veronica Mars Heart Broken
Poor Veronica “Chlamydia” Mars. Always falling for the wrong guy.

Riddle me this though, if someone takes on a fake identity, falls in with the local bad crowd and basically is up to no good, possibly doing the “long con” or whatever then I think it is safe to assume that “pressing charges” is the last thing that person will want to do in order to reobtain a stolen harddrive.

The question for the superintelligent Neptune locals this time is: Who framed Keith Mars?

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