Lost in Season Finale Craze

The writers’ promise that a major character will get seriously hurt has come true at last in this week’s installment of Lost – Two for the Road.
After a WTF moment at the end of the last show of “Veronica Mars” where she lost it in the end (yes, there were tears!) we get another major WTF moment at the end of episode 20 of LOST. Summer is here at last and the season finale craze is setting in. If you do not want to be spoiled then stop reading now!

This episode of Lost involves sex, a gun and the number of bullets fired is not one or two, nay it is three, I mean four! And Ana-Lucia gets one of them. Excellent… I mean, oh bummer, we will miss her! Fret not! Thanks to special Sawyer flashbacks involving him and her, Ana-Lucia may not be totally lost for us!

As we saw in last week’s episode, Michael is back from the jungle and he has big news! He found the “others” knows all about it and “their” leader but is too tired to tell us about it, so lets wait until Season 3.
Meanwhile, who else is going to bite the bullet? Libby took two to the chest so she is most likely dead unless the island wills it otherwise. Bullet number four goes into Michael’s left arm (I guess) making it look like Henry took the gun from Ana-Lucia, shot her and Libby and then Michael before he escapes.

The line has been crossed (by our smart doctor) so this means war! Prepare for the big showdown.

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