Life As We Know It – The Complete Series (2005)

Life As We Know It - The Complete SeriesTo be honest I would never have watched this series were it not for Shane. This DVD Box was in my review pile and after serious doubts in the beginning I gave it a chance. After the third episode I found myself racing through them, not to get it over with but because “Life As We Know It” was indeed entertaining. Check out the full DVD review over at

At the beginning of the pilot Ben Conner (Jon Foster) tells us what teenagers think about and how often: sex, every 15 seconds. Ben thinks about it every 5 seconds and even less. The series evolves around three guys who are sophomores at Seattle’s Woodrow Wilson High, Dino Whitman (Sean Faris), Jonathan Fields (Chris Lowell) and Ben Connor (Jon Foster) and their obsession with sex.

Dino is the predator who can basically have any woman he wants but since he is still a virgin (as are the other 2) he wants his first time to be with his girlfriend Jackie Bradford (Missy Peregrym) who in turn has second thoughts and wants to wait a little longer much to Dino’s dismay but this is only the lesser of his problems. His world is going to be turned upside down by his mother having an affair with his hockey trainer. A family drama ensues that is emotionally so stressful that he has difficulties “performing”, no matter how hot the girl (e.g. “Zoe”).

Jonathan is the shy guy who thinks the whole sex thing is far too complicated and rather takes it with baby steps together with Deborah Tynan (Kelly Osbourne). He collects G.I. Joe dolls and is afraid of being laughed at and is constantly teased by Dino and Ben.

Ben is the thinker and his taste for women gets him into quite some trouble. He is in love with his English teacher Monica Young (Marguerite Moreau) and before long he finds out that she has feelings for him too. Ben, still being underage and Monica being his teacher makes this sex relationship a quite problematic and controversial topic for a teen soap. The relationship between the two is nonetheless something that we may very well see happening in real life ever so often. It is indeed life as we know it … but do not want to see it as it seems. No matter how wrong this relationship is, they both know it’s wrong but can’t help it. Ben finally wants out and breaks up with Monica and starts dating a class mate Sue Miller (Jessica Lucas) with whom he also practices for the school theatre play “Romeo and Juliet” (what else…).

The three boys and three girls face family problems like divorce, alcohol abuse, loss of father figure, rebellion against parents, all the clichés and stereotypes are there and touched on the surface but generally lack emotional depth but then again soaps are just that, shallow yet entertaining with some rather controversial material thrown in between.

“Life As We Know It” has its moments and certainly makes for a good teen drama. It may not be a very realistic high school life but then again it is a TV show and it aims to entertain and that is what it does.


2 thoughts on “Life As We Know It – The Complete Series (2005)

  1. wish there was a season 2!!but the writers could have put more of a clif hanger at the last episode
    they cold have ask the producers of lost about clif hangers, there the pros at it 🙂


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