Ms. Penelope, we found it

WTF? With “Live Together, Die Alone” Lost Season 2 is over and the dam has been blown. Henry sends father and son home and the soldier only finds empty huts, a decoy. Something totally unfamiliar to him I guess. And then there is Desmond. Good old Desmond and his “sodding” Charles Dickens book “Our Mutual Friend”. Desmond has the key to make it all go away and he uses it. Love always finds a way. Does it? Even if it involves 2 weird Portuguese guys somewhere at the north pole (or somewhere cold at least) waiting for some gigantic electromagnetic discharge. What does it all mean? As Henry said, they are the good guys and we will have to wait until November.

3 thoughts on “Ms. Penelope, we found it

  1. I am wondering just how Penelope knew how to look for Desmond. Perhaps Desmond, and the entire group of people on the island are in a virtual reality laboratory. Nothing is real at all. A snow globe so to speak. Since Desmond desperately wants to be reunited with his love, his virtual reality thoughts dreams up the search that Penelope is conducting….

    My entire theory if you are interested can be found here.
    Lost Secrets Revealed


  2. Yes indeed they are! And unrealistic it gets indeed, even surreal at times, hence the “Mystery” tag. But I do agree Season 2 got increasingly annoying and now with the 2 hour season finale they brought in so much new stuff that people will be even more confused if they haven’t been closely following the whole show.


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