Kyle XY (2006)

Kyle XY” (Matt Dallas) the boy without belly button has landed and is quite special; the boy that is, not the show. The premise of a “human” like individual being cast into our world and society and see how this turns out is quite old and has been done numerous times before. What can we expect from Kyle? Anything and everything. Apparently he has a very active brain and is basically capable of anything and just doesn’t know it yet. He has incredible reflexes, vastly superior cognitive powers with an extremely high affinity to the binary system. He is some sort of “Data” in the flesh, maybe he can fly, too.

Still, the pilot is very wishy washy and you don’t really get the impression that this is going anywhere where you haven’t already been before. Since there is little else on, “Kyle XY” has a good chance of attracting some viewers during the summer gap.

6 thoughts on “Kyle XY (2006)

  1. Yes, everything at this time points towards “genetically engineered” were it not for the mystery of the buried skull in the forest where Kyle first appeared, naked, covered in some sort of gel.

    Blade is next on my list but to be honest, the first 5 minutes did not look promising…


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