Boston Legal (2004)

Boston Legal Season 1Boston Legal” is a spin off of “The Practice” and while I am normally not into law shows, Denny Crane (William Shatner) convinced me otherwise or should I rather say his friend Alan Shore (James Spader) did.

Markus (not Aurelius) and I were talking about TV shows a week ago while having Sushi for lunch and I told him that he must go see “Rome” (but first read my review on it) and so he did and now his friends do, too and so on. What does that have to do with “Boston Legal” you might ask; nothing and everything.

I was very sceptical when Markus in return told me about this show which features Captain Kirk among other Star Trek regulars, I was dismissive even. I hereby repent, fully and utterly and plead “guilty”!

Allow me to say that this show might potentially offend those who do take it too seriously they even may feel objectified and fail to see the wit and candor with which it is presented to us with each and every episode, full of biting sarcasm, cynism aiming to amuse us without so much as to point a finger but still stating that there is a point in there somewhere and you should make up your own mind in finding out what exactly it is but above all it aims to entertain and I am indeed amused, to a degree a TV show seldom does succeed to.

Putting Spader and Shatner together in one show is a stroke of genius and while one could argue that the whole show rests on the inconspicuous shoulders of Mr. Spader one has also to acknowledge that the show rests soundly on said shoulders without even the slightest chance of falling off any time soon.

I do hope for many more seasons of “Boston Legal” to come. “Boston Legal” leaves no tabu out and excludes no one, whether it be Liberals, Democrats or Republicans and with that I give you… Denny Crane.


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