Blade – The Series (2006)

Blade the Series

For some obscure reason “Blade” (1998) was the first film I owned on DVD followed by “The Matrix” (1999). I subsequently also saw “Blade II” (2002) and “Blade Trinity” (2004) but was ultimately disappointed by the sequels. Spike TV now airs “Blade – The Series” and hopes to attract its viewers to this too cool to be true “Terminator of Vampires”. They call him Daywalker, neither human nor vampire, a half-breed.

Let us be honest, whenever you think about this character, you see Wesley Snipes, there’s just no getting around the fact that he kicked some major Vampire ass. Now, Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones, besides having a rather silly nick name, tries to live up to that figure as much as he possibly can but it is just not enough.

The acting of the cast aside, this show does not set new standards as far production design or CGI is concerned. Quite the opposite, it rehashes special effects on every possible occasion and uses prostheses whenever feasible, only that they are recognizable as such most of the time which rather kills any suspension of disbelief you might be willing to invest somewhere along the ludicrous story line. Vampire Ash as a designer drug? That is not only ludicrous but also immensely boring.

Nevertheless, it is Blade and people want Blade, they want it so badly that it does not matter if the show sucks or not, well at least for now it doesn’t. Everybody keeps hoping that it will get better eventually. I do not see that happen any time soon.

6 thoughts on “Blade – The Series (2006)

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  2. Yaddahey! Now I can say “Told you so!” and Ihad it right (ihad a pun there or two!) Blade is cancelled after only 1 season and thank god for it! Sucky casting, sucky script and mediocre effects, what else do you need to get the axe?

    Good riddance!


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