Aquaman sinks

Despite what you might think Aquaman is not Patrick Duffy although he is from Atlantis. There was a series in the 70s and this one is not a remake of it. Aquaman “A.C.” (Justin Hartley) is based on the DC Comics hero, he is the lost prince of Atlantis and the wicked Sirens are after him. All he has to do is shoot them right between the eyes to kill them. Sounds easy but Sirens do what Sirens do, they bewitch men.

Does this series bewitch its viewers and lure them in to want more? Not really. It’s nice to watch, alright, sunny beaches, makes you wish you were there, surfing. But as far as super heroes go Aquaman comes off as being a teenage surfer dude who can swim as fast as a jet plane and look silly while doing so and don’t get me started on the dialogue…

The newly created CW network already decided not to pick it up and I can’t blame them. However, you can download the unaired pilot of “Aquaman” over at itunes for $1.99.

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