A Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin was introduced to me by one of my colleagues last year and I put it on my “to read” list pile. One week ago, I finally started to read “A Game of Thrones” and I knew after the first few chapters that this was going to be a good read indeed and when I came to the chapter “Tyrion” I knew for sure that this is going to be just great.

I just finished “A Game of Thrones” and managed to order the remaining parts just in time so I can continue with “A Clash of Kings” and that is what I am going to do right now. There is no time to write a lengthy review on a fantasy epos that you simply have to experience for yourself. The dragon is awake!

8 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones

  1. The Kings have clashed and much fun was had and again it was the Imp who saved the day. Without Tyrion Lannister this Song of Ice and Fire would be nothing more but a dull lullaby for the meek.

    On to the Storm of Swords…


  2. Thanks for suggesting these books! “A Game of Thrones” it´s quite the best fantasy stuff I´ve read beside LotR and Wraeththu… even better than LotR…

    Tyrion is funny! Jaime … interesting … don´t know … 😉
    Beside Tyrion, Arya and Daenerys are my favourits … pretty cool the girls 🙂


  3. Glad you like it, I just started “A Feast for Crows”. This is where the plot thickens and I wager we will have more magic as the wall comes tumbling down, or will it?


  4. Finished “A Feast for Crows” which leaves so many questions unanswered and leaves out half of the previous plot lines and characters, on the other hand we do get closure for the other half and what closure indeed. A great read.

    I do hope “A Dance with Dragons” hits the shelves soon, afaik George R. R. Martin aimed to finish it by the end of 2006 and if he did then there’s a good chance it will come out in Spring 2007, if not it will be Winter 2007…

    … meanwhile I could read Terry Pratchett “Thud!” or Michael Moorcock “Von Bek” or Storm Constantine “Wraeththu” or any of the other 27 books piled up on my bookshelf…


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