Black Sheep Trailer

Dudes and dudettes brace yourselves for the sheep are coming! Black Sheep is a dark dark (yes dark*2=darker) horror comedy hitting the cinemas in March about 40 million sheep in New Zealand and dudes… these sheep are pissed off… really, really really a big genetically mutated BAAAAA³!
After seeing the trailer I am utterly convinced that this is one stupid movie I will have to see, I must, I mean it’s sheep, OK? SHEEP!!!! 40 friggin’ million sheep and they’ll do you for! That is not something you want to miss… or is it? Sheepodelically unreal stuff..!

Oh yes, and it’s R13 Violence, horror scenes and offensive language… just so you know.

2 thoughts on “Black Sheep Trailer

  1. OMG! Actually I don’t like Trash Movies and I don’t like Horror Movies but I think I have to watch this one! Well I am sure we’ll see a lot of picturesque New Zealand scenery and plenty of sweet little sheep. Could be funny I think 😉
    But first I have to warn a friend of mine: she is living on a cottage surrounded by those monsters.


  2. Resident Evil meets Animal Farm… I wonder if the Umbrella Corporation has a shearing team on the way to clean up the mess.


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