ThresholdThreshold” was recommended to me by a friend. I never heard of the series before and I cannot share his views and must say that I completely understand why this series never saw a Season 2. We can blame the female government contingency analyst and her puppy for its failure!

The scenario is simple. Earth is being invaded by aliens through DNA mutation, i.e. exposed to a shape shifting alien probe that emits a certain frequency of sounds human DNA is altered and turned into an alien able to infect others. Granted, at first the pilot gets you interested in this whole alien invasion theme but the little novelty that is left soon wears off and then there’s really nothing left that would warrant viewing this show.

Not only is the lead role miscast the scripting on top of it is riddled with so many errors, loopholes, inconsistencies and abhorrent dialogue that the whole scenario for which she claims to have ultimate authority lends zero credibility and thus must disappoint on all accounts.

Season 1 was cancelled and taken off air and good riddance! Alternatively we could blame Brannon Braga for this one, too.


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