Oscar Nominations 2006

79th Academy Awards 2006On Sunday, Feb. 25th 2007 the Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2006 will be presented at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center. You can find this year’s Oscar nominations here. I think Forest Whitaker will get the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Idi Amin in “The Last King of Scotland“. For Best Actor in a supporting role my money is on Mark Wahlberg (The Departed).
Meanwhile you can also vote over at joblo.com for the “Golden Schmoes” Movie Awards until Feb. 18th 2007, so hop on over and cast your votes!

Here’s my Golden Schmoes List for 2006:

Favorite Movie of the Year: V for Vendetta
Worst Movie of the Year: Date Movie
Best Director of the Year: Martin Scorsese (The Departed)
Best Screenplay of the Year: Children of Men
Most Overrated Movie of the Year: Borat
Most Underrated Movie of the Year: The Fountain
Trippiest Movie of the Year: A Scanner Darkly
Best Comedy of the Year: Little Miss Sunshine
Best Horror Movie of the Year: The Descent
Best Animated Movie of the Year: A Scanner Darkly
Best Sci-Fi Movie of the Year: V for Vendetta
Best Special Effects of the Year: X-Men 3
Biggest Disappointment of the Year: Superman Returns
Biggest Surprise of the Year: Casino Royale
Best Actor of the Year: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed)
Best Actress of the Year: Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta)
Best Supporting Actor of the Year: Mark Wahlberg (The Departed)
Best Supporting Actress of the Year: Vera Farmiga (The Departed)
Breakthrough Performance of the Year: Daniel Craig (Casino Royale)
Favorite Celebrity of the Year: Scarlett Johansson
Coolest Character(s) of the Year: V (V for Vendetta)
Best Music in a Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
Favorite Movie Poster of the Year: V for Vendetta
Best Trailer of the Year: Casino Royale
Best DVD of the Year: Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut)
Best Action Sequence of the Year: Construction area chase (Casino Royale)
Most Memorable Scene in a Movie : Elevator scene (The Departed)
Best T&A of the Year: Eva Green (Casino Royale)
Best Line of the Year: The V speech

2 thoughts on “Oscar Nominations 2006

  1. Hey! I saw your comment on my site, though I had to take it out of moderation apparently. 😦 Anyway, I had some thoughts on your list.

    Favorite Movie of the year:
    I almost, I mean almost, put that as my favorite movie of the year. In fact, I actually didn’t realize it had come out last year being as it came out in January. I would say that Children of Men beat it out for me, but most likely due to it’s recent viewing.

    Borat was pretty good, in my opinion, though I can defintely see it being “overrated”.

    I am amazed that someone else thinks The Fountain was underrated. I disagree with X3 as the best FX, but I digress. It was probably me not liking the film and wishing Singer had stayed on.

    Why didn’t you like Superman Returns? Too slow?

    Funny, you thought Casino Royale was the biggest surprise. Was this because you had doubts about Craig?

    You mention DiCaprio being the best actor in your list but in your comment on my post you say No Oscar for DiCaprio. Why?

    Favorite Trailer of the year definitely goes to Children of Men or Blood Diamond. They tie, in my opinion.

    Is the Director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven good enough to allow me to like it? I didn’t like the original cut but want to reassess (even without a director’s cut). Worth it?

    Best action sequence is the construction jumping scene?!? What about the revolutionary and gripping one shot Children of Men scene?

    It turned out to be more comments than I anticipated. Plus, they were more incoherent but I’m in between classes and don’t have time to, umm, polish them. Thanks for visiting my site and I have yours in my cross hairs now!


  2. The winners are on http://www.goldenschmoes.com and the nominations for the Schmoes were different than those for the Oscars.

    As for Special Effects, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” won although I can’t really see how those effects were better than those in X3, not liking X3 is a whole different matter, though.

    And man, Superman… where do I start? Really, this was the biggest let down for me this year. Why would anyone want to show a ringing mobile phone TWICE? Honestly, BAD BAD script writing.

    007… admittedly for me the franchise was dead, I think the last few Bond movies were utter crap and having a new Bond with the same formula as the previous movies would not change that but since they also changed the formula… voila, pleasant surprise there.

    DiCaprio: Oscar No! Golden Schmoe Yes. I just think he doesn’t deserve an Oscar, yet, esp. not in the light of the other nominees.

    Best Trailer: Casino Royale
    The Schmoes have spoken.

    Kingdom of Heaven got a 4/10 from me in my review. The Director’s Cut is a whole different movie, 90 minutes longer. So as far as “value” goes this is for me the DVD offering the biggest improvement compared to the other DVD releases. Is the movie worth watching? It still has Orlando Bloom in it who is totally miscast no matter the length but then again Mr. Bloom isn’t exactly my favorite actor to begin with.

    Action Sequence: Yes the crane jumping and running scene. It was quite intense and it was fun. The CoM baby scene was intense and dramatic. Fun wins over dramatic this time.

    Now let’s wait and see who gets an Oscar…


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