HBO to produce “A Song of Ice & Fire”

HBO has acquired the rights to produce a television series “A Song of Ice & Fire” (2008) based on George R. R. Martin’s best-selling books. The series will be written and produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. [ source ]

If any Cable Network could pull off a Fantasy series based on George R. R. Martin’s books it is HBO. I only hope that the budget is calculated accordingly and that there is no cancelling as there was for Deadwood or Rome. Despite these recent letdowns, I honestly think there is no better choice than HBO for this series. HBO subscribers will have to wait quite some time though to enjoy this gritty and epic fantasy tale of intrigue and murder on screen in 2008.

5 thoughts on “HBO to produce “A Song of Ice & Fire”

  1. I’ve read all the books to date. You can see my book reviews here.

    If they make this book to televisions series suck, im going to be pissed. Robert Jordan used to be my favorite author, until I read Martin’s books. Simply amazing work of literature.

    Its actually a Song of Ice and Fire btw. Fire and Ice is a cartoon. Have you watched that one? Its a fantasy movie and its awesome.


  2. I knew there was something fishy about the title! Silly Variety and imdb listing the title wrong!

    Yes, I too, have read all the books so far. To think that Martin will not be finished with the 7th book until 2011…

    And yes, I saw “Fire and Ice” some 20 years ago, I gave it a 7 (it is also in my imdb voting history).


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    Wait a minute, we are off topic here! This is about Tyrion and his missing nose!!!


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