“How I met your mother” Season 3 started

Here I was, not knowing about this show “How I met Your Mother” for two full seasons until a friend of mine brought it up and still I wasn’t really that much interested from what he told me. I mean, who wants to listen to a guy telling his kids the story about how he met their mother? Right? Fast forward two weeks: I have just finished watching Season 2 and to answer the question: I do and so do you! Believe me, this show is awesome, nay… it is legen… WAIT FOR IT… DARY!

3 thoughts on ““How I met your mother” Season 3 started

  1. Well, I bet Season3 will be as Legen … DARY as the first two. I have to admit that I mainly started to watch that show because I’m a big fan of Alyson Hannigan, but the overall show proved to be worthy of about 100 more seasons. Wouldnt that be … LEGENDARY!?

    Well, you gotta excuse me. I have to lick the Liberty Bell.


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