Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest

Ahhh, Fallout! One of my all time favorite games. What if you could name a perk for Fallout 3?! I don’t know about you, but “Perks” were just about the coolest thing in Fallout character development. Now is your chance to name a perk in Fallout 3! While I do not particularly think my suggestion has a snowball’s chance in hell (after all, it’s a nonsense perk), it sure is fun to mess around with all those crazy perk ideas! Good luck to everyone entering the contest!

Fallout Perk: PoliticalitisPoliticalitis
You literally incapacitate your opponents by delivering cleverly orchestrated political speeches that leave everyone around you confused and disoriented, often resulting in temporary loss of fine motor skills, sometimes culminating in imploding brains due to synaptic overload.

3 thoughts on “Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest

  1. One of the party members (Grumpos Matavastros) in the game Anachronox (Ion Storm) had a perk like this. So actually… someone already had the idea 😉


  2. Intertextually speaking someone already made a comment just like you somewhere else and nothing is original by default as anything and all is taken from the same pool of pretexts. You are talking about the “Yammer” skill I guess?

    Grumpos has a yammer skill, which he uses to make people give him information by whining and moaning incessantly about how much his back hurts and so on, until eventually they tell him what he wants to know just to shut him up. (Battle) Yammer allows him to stun opponents and reduces their block ability.


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