Twin Peaks – Definitive Gold Box Edition (2007)

Twin Peaks Definitive Gold BoxWhen “Twin Peaks” aired in 1990 no one thought it would have much of a chance as a TV show and even today one must wonder why or how it did become such a phenomenon. Was it because of the cherry pie and the fine cuppa Jo? Was it because the mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder kept people coming back to “Twin Peaks” each week? Was it Dale Cooper’s (Kyle MacLachlan) messages to Diane on his Dictaphone? And who the hell is Bob?

“Twin Peaks” was and still is full of mysteries, mysteries that will never be answered. Some of them should have better remained unanswered but such is life, you seek the answer until you finally get it and then you move on. And what about Laura Palmer’s murderer? You really needed to know, didn’t you? I won’t spoil it for you here, so read on!

This and many more questions can be revisited in splendid picture and sound quality in this 10 disc Definitive Gold Box Edition of “Twin Peaks” released by CBS Paramount for the first time featuring both the original and the full-length international pilot. This is without a doubt the most complete box set to date.

“Twin Peaks” is unlike any TV series you’ve ever seen or rather would have expected to see in 1990. Back then there was just nothing like “Twin Peaks” on television, it was groundbreaking and it altered the television landscape. Each episode was like a mini movie, intriguing and mysterious, ever winding, eluding the viewer, posing more questions than answering and always wanting you to come back for more.

The whole series is based on solving the murder of Laura Palmer, a young local girl and beauty queen, who ends up dead, wrapped in plastic one morning. Local Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean) is called to the scene of the crime and the FBI is called in right afterwards, which is when Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) comes to Twin Peaks to lead the investigation in this gruesome mysterious crime.

While the whole of Season 1 has a nice flow and purpose to it, the series began to stray and lose coherence in Season 2 when Lynch and Frost were not as involved in the project anymore and after the mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder was revealed the series was basically at its end and the episodes that followed were lacking purpose and direction until the very end when Lynch and Frost made a final effort to put the project back on track but “Twin Peaks” was past its prime already and could not be saved. Some mysteries are better left unanswered and as the Log Lady would say: “It was almost fun not knowing. Yes, now we know. At least we know what we sought in the beginning.” David Lynch was against “killing the golden goose” and answering this question and with the mystery gone, so was the show and he knew that.

If you have not seen “Twin Peaks” yet then this DVD Box is the only way to fully enjoy this experience. If you are a fan and want to revisit “Twin Peaks” you can do so with crisp colorful picture quality and a nice and clear 5.1 surround sound that brings out the atmospheric soundtrack (Angelo Badalamenti) nicely.

In addition to a plethora of extras, this 10-disc set includes “Greetings from Twin Peaks” collectible postcards and you also get the international version of the pilot with the alternate ending. In short, “Twin Peaks – Definitive Gold Box Edition” is a carefully compiled set that will please any fan of the show and engage new ones alike.


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