Is Kayne a good name?

Imagine you are writing and you are making good progress and all of a sudden, maybe during a dialogue scene, one of your characters addresses, let’s say “Kayne” and you pause, you look at the name and you wonder, is this the name? Is it a good name? You shrug and continue and finish the scene and all is well.

Days later you return, maybe revisit a passage and you start having this nagging feeling that something about that name is off? It doesn’t quite fit? Now, this could apply to any name, be it person, place or anything.

In the process of creation, we constantly question ourselves, is it good enough and more often than not we keep polishing and polishing and polishing until there is nothing left to polish and instead of a shining jewel we are left with a blunt bauble. Or so we think.

What to do then? We are after all our own worst critic. I found it helps to share work within your circle of trust, to get first impressions and feedback. It can only help. So if you are in doubt, reach out to a friend, ask them to read and ask them to re-read after you make changes! They may suggest changes but it is you who makes the changes, don’t feel pressured into following all suggestions. Let it sink in and go over the feedback with an open mind.

Some will say, “No, never! No one touches my script!” Know this, even J.R.R. Tolkien sent his script of “The Hobbit” out to friends and colleagues for review and he certainly was a master of his craft.

Is Kayne a good name, then? Maybe, maybe not. You can do some etymological research to find out about the roots and meaning of the name, you can play with the spelling, ultimately if you cannot decide or are not sure, just continue as is and come back to it at a later point.

Far more important is the map of the world you create, have it planned out, draw lines for the journey your characters will take, then make the words fit the map.

Now, back to my map…

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