The Green Bunch

Writing Prompt: Write a scene in a supermarket from the POV of an object or person (1st, 2nd, or 3rd person narrator) without revealing too many details about the narrator. Guess who/what the “narrator” is. No more than 200 words.

Here’s mine:

The Green Bunch

Ow, I am all sore from lying ‘ere all day.

Watch out. Customer incoming!

Oh woe, she took de Carrots family on aisle two!

Grim. Can ye see her? Where she at?

She at de bread section now… what’s dat noise? She took Bernd. No. She put him in de cutter! There goes Bernd, he’s gone…

Poor Bernd. I hope she leaves us alone. I’m far too green to be taken. Please, have mercy, let me ripen a wee bit more, ye know… get that noice yellow touch.

Aye, we should be fine, surely she won’t touch a green bunch like us.

Ye never know… shhh quiet, here she comes, act normal!

(115 words)

Your turn.


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