Distant Shores

I made an account over at Nightcafe the other day and started to play around with the Stable Diffusion Model trying some phrases from my stories. This one turned out quite decent I’d say. I added the titles in Gimp afterwards.

Fascinating topic, endless possibilities, and it will only get better… or worse… depending on your POV.

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Dragonlake Evening Glow

Drachensee Evening Glow (Big Stopper Version)

Here’s the shot I took with my Canon EOS 50D and EF-S 10-22mm lens with a B+W ND10 ‘Big Stopper’ and a tripod, exposure was 300 seconds at f/22 and ISO400. With so little light left I should have used an ND500 or less instead but then again, if your sensor can handle the exposure time without hot pixels then go for it! Here I had to do some median filter pass on the dark areas, crank up the noise reduction and reduce clarity in those areas to get rid of the pixel noise. I guess I have to look into @leefilters or similar.