“How I met your mother” Season 3 started

Here I was, not knowing about this show “How I met Your Mother” for two full seasons until a friend of mine brought it up and still I wasn’t really that much interested from what he told me. I mean, who wants to listen to a guy telling his kids the story about how he met their mother? Right? Fast forward two weeks: I have just finished watching Season 2 and to answer the question: I do and so do you! Believe me, this show is awesome, nay… it is legen… WAIT FOR IT… DARY!

To watch or not to watch

Want to save time? Stay away from these three shows, they suck.

Reaper (2007)
Sorry Kevin, this one is just poop. I am very disappointed in you. What happened? I predict “Reaper” will not make it to Season 2. And sorry Tyler, after “Invasion” you yet again stumbled into another doomed series.
Ihad says: Stay away from the Reaper!

Bionic Woman (2007)
Another 70s remake. Give me a break! Who needs this crap? Horrible acting, horrible script writing. Please axe this show now.
Ihad says: One of the producers quit after 1 week … he was smart. Be smart too, switch channels.

Flash Gordon (2007)
And yet another remake, this time of one of my sacred childhood memories. Granted the classic series is horrible but it is classic and charming in its own way. This remake is just horrible. What were you thinking? Lucky you, Season 2 is already canceled.
Ihad says: Watch at your own peril. I will tell the real Ming!

What you may want to watch are these shows, though!

Pushing Daisies (2007)
Ned, a pie maker, can bring dead people back to life by touching them. The catch? After one minute someone else will die if he doesn’t touch the victim again. Surreal, witty, funny, obscure and refreshingly delicious. The show premieres on ABC, Oct. 3rd.
Ihad says: Watch it!

Damages (2007)
High-stakes litigator Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) is the head of this twisted legal thriller series. Trust no one. There will be blood.
Ihad says: A must watch!

How I met your mother (2005)
No new series and I only have seen the pilot so far. Hilarious… no, legen… dary! The series has been highly recommended to me by a friend. It is returning with Season 3 this Monday, September 24th, on CBS.
Ihad says: A must watch.

And of course Heroes, House and Boston Legal, all returning next week.

Lost: Locke’s Dad did it!

This week on “Lost” we meet “The Man From Tallahassee” and so does Locke. Anthony Cooper did it. Oh my, so we finally know why and how Locke ended up in a wheelchair. Never mind it only took 3 seasons and a total of 61 episodes each running approx. 45 minutes which adds up to a total of 2745 minutes, to clear up that little yet super important incident. Anyone who still thinks that this way of advancing a plot line is a good idea, think again.

Locke faces his greatest fear now! His father! I can already hear youtube fake episodes sprouting up: “Locke, I’m your father. The force is strong in you my son. Come join me and together we shall rule this island!”

OK, maybe not. Despite all this flashback nonsense people still rave about Lost and rate this week’s episode as high as ever while in fact if you ponder about how the second season ended and how Lost so far failed to pick up on “that” story line (Desmond-wife) and how so many “other” story lines are in limbo, abandoned, underdeveloped, changed, mended and otherwise rewritten to fit whatever circumstances (think DUI) then one cannot help but wonder why one should bother with all this mystery anymore. Yet, one does and is quite lost about the “why”.

The big black box awaits and Charlie still has to die.

HBO to produce “A Song of Ice & Fire”

HBO has acquired the rights to produce a television series “A Song of Ice & Fire” (2008) based on George R. R. Martin’s best-selling books. The series will be written and produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. [ source ]

If any Cable Network could pull off a Fantasy series based on George R. R. Martin’s books it is HBO. I only hope that the budget is calculated accordingly and that there is no cancelling as there was for Deadwood or Rome. Despite these recent letdowns, I honestly think there is no better choice than HBO for this series. HBO subscribers will have to wait quite some time though to enjoy this gritty and epic fantasy tale of intrigue and murder on screen in 2008.

Rome Season 3 Cancelled

It’s been known for a while now, Rome, another superb HBO show has been cancelled and will end after only 2 seasons. Main reasons: lack of viewers and too expensive. [ source ]

Granted, Rome was originally intended as a mere miniseries but spawned into a full series after the network saw the quality of the scripts. Unfortunately for HBO and any other network, viewer numbers are everything, esp. when the cost for the entire first season is around 100 million U$. We cannot really blame HBO when the viewers rather prefer crap over intelligent, quality TV series. If more people would have watched shows like Rome, Deadwood, Firefly, Invasion they would not have been cancelled, easy as that. Networks need to make profit and have to provide what the majority wants to see and if the majority wants to see crap then they have to give them crap. Besides, what network are you looking for when you want to watch quality shows? HBO, right?

Rome will end on March 25th 2007.

Charlie Pace is a dead man

Remember when I wrote back in October 2006 when Lost Season 3 started how Dominic Monaghan’s character is a major pain in the ass and needs to go? “Lost” is back after its mid season hiatus and lo and behold in episode 8 we find out that someone has to die. Oh what joy, it is Charlie Pace. Bickering about screen time again, Dominic? Get lost!

The series ratings are as low as ever which comes to no surprise to us and quite frankly, viewers no longer care about the “mystery”, the “numbers” or who will die next. It’s over. It is a lost cause. Writers, wrap up the story as long as you can, the cancellation axe is dropping fast and I am far from being the only one who thinks Lost needs an exit strategy.