Alexander IpfelkoferHi there, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Alexander Ipfelkofer, orignially from Bavaria, currently living in France and I have been on the net since back in the days of fidonet.

We operated our own BBS node in Nuremberg, Germany back in 1990. We were there when the first IRC chat rooms came into existence and #channel parties were the hip thing. I guess that makes me a veteran netizen.

Looking back, gaming was always a huge factor in my life. I have had every game console (Colecovison is still one of my favorite) and every PC, starting with a C64 and an Atari 1024ST+. In 1984 I got my first 8086 IBM CP/M-86.

My first connection to the “net” was with a 2400 baud acoustic coupled modem like the ones you can see in the movie “Wargames” (1983).

1990 I started a band project, performing indie rock/pop music. Then in 1993 I stepped onto the stage, acting in Shakespeare and other modern plays in English and in German (2000-2004, Vienna).

In September 2004 I moved to France to start a new adventure at Blizzard Entertainment, a big chapter in my life, lasting 17 years, which came to an end during the COVID pandemic in 2021.

As with many people out there, the pandemic led me to re-evaluate my professional and personal life and I am eager to embark on my new journey! Meanwhile, I am gone fishing!

If you like to get in touch with me, drop me a line below.