Sin City (2005)

sin_cityI saw Frank Miller’s Sin City again the other day and it was even better the second time around! Suffice to say that I noticed much more hidden details which I missed the first time.

I really like the style, the use of color, the setting although I never read the comics. The comics served as storyboard and it is quite stunning how the scenes imitate the comic in every way. It’s not so much an adaptation of a comic book it is a “transfer” to film and as such it’s cool. There’s one scene in the bar in the middle of the movie which ties the three plotlines together neatly, although this movie is not about plot lines it is about style, about a world in black and white except for a few things, like blood, eyes, hair and a yellow bastard, all brilliantly delivered.

Fantastic Four (2005)

Fantastic FourThe Fantastic Four are pathetic. Just goes to show that you just can’t have a movie with effects and no story. And excuse me? What’s with the 4 finger thing?

Hey, invisible girl, we need to get past them, please undress in public, so you can go totally invisible, and we can cut to the next scene where you dress again. Thanks!

Stupid script, stupid dialogues, flat acting, OK effects and not enough superhero action. K, thanks, bye.