Day 1 with Twine 2

I did a lot of interactive Fiction (IF) reading in my past and dabbled a bit in inform7 years ago and recently discovered inklewriter and loved it. It’s very slick! Albeit, after losing a whole story without means to recover it, I shied away from it as it doesn’t allow for local saving. Too bad.

In comes Twine 2.0.┬áSo easy! I love it! “Day 1” is my first stab at “IF” in Twine, learning the syntax and all, looking at the wiki and trying out some basic stuff. I used the default theme Harlowe and literally hacked this together in one evening, so bear with me! There might be bugs!

I can highly recommend checking out Twine if you are into interactive fiction writing or are looking for a prototyping tool for your game ideas.

Ready for Day 1? (save as html and open in your browser)

The next generation of games

Ultima Online Beta CDBack in September 1997 Origin wrote history when they released Ultima Online. Looking back I have many a fond memory of my time in Britannia. My Ultima Online Public Beta Test CD came a long way via ground mail from Texas all the way to Germany. It was the first true MMORPG ever (not counting Meridian 59) and being an Ultima fan I was quite excited when I held that disc in my hands. I had already started playing online via when Diablo was released in 1996 and before that I spent some time “mudding” in a German MUD called “Morgengrauen” which is still up and running after 15 years. Never underestimate the imaginative power unleashed by a MUD! Visual effects isn’t everything and yet even though UO had no spiffy 3D graphics it was and still is enchanting in its very own way.

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