To watch or not to watch

Want to save time? Stay away from these three shows, they suck.

Reaper (2007)
Sorry Kevin, this one is just poop. I am very disappointed in you. What happened? I predict “Reaper” will not make it to Season 2. And sorry Tyler, after “Invasion” you yet again stumbled into another doomed series.
Ihad says: Stay away from the Reaper!

Bionic Woman (2007)
Another 70s remake. Give me a break! Who needs this crap? Horrible acting, horrible script writing. Please axe this show now.
Ihad says: One of the producers quit after 1 week … he was smart. Be smart too, switch channels.

Flash Gordon (2007)
And yet another remake, this time of one of my sacred childhood memories. Granted the classic series is horrible but it is classic and charming in its own way. This remake is just horrible. What were you thinking? Lucky you, Season 2 is already canceled.
Ihad says: Watch at your own peril. I will tell the real Ming!

What you may want to watch are these shows, though!

Pushing Daisies (2007)
Ned, a pie maker, can bring dead people back to life by touching them. The catch? After one minute someone else will die if he doesn’t touch the victim again. Surreal, witty, funny, obscure and refreshingly delicious. The show premieres on ABC, Oct. 3rd.
Ihad says: Watch it!

Damages (2007)
High-stakes litigator Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) is the head of this twisted legal thriller series. Trust no one. There will be blood.
Ihad says: A must watch!

How I met your mother (2005)
No new series and I only have seen the pilot so far. Hilarious… no, legen… dary! The series has been highly recommended to me by a friend. It is returning with Season 3 this Monday, September 24th, on CBS.
Ihad says: A must watch.

And of course Heroes, House and Boston Legal, all returning next week.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Spiderman 3The 3rd installment of the Spider-Man franchise is supposed to be the best yet. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

Spider-Man 3” tagged as “The battle within” features two new villains Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Venom (Topher Grace) although the latter takes over Spider-Man first turning him into an aggressive Peter “Saturday Night Fever” Parker, strolling the streets of NY city, singing, snipping his fingers and hunting skirts. Certainly not what I was expecting as a side effect of being possessed by some evil, sinister organism from outer space called “Venom”…

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ThresholdThreshold” was recommended to me by a friend. I never heard of the series before, and I cannot share his views, and must say that I completely understand why this series never saw a Season 2. We can blame the female government contingency analyst and her puppy for its failure!

The scenario is simple. Earth is being invaded by aliens through DNA mutation, i.e., exposed to a shape-shifting alien probe that emits a certain frequency of sounds human DNA is altered and turned into an alien able to infect others. Granted, at first, the pilot gets you interested in this whole alien invasion theme, but the little novelty that is left soon wears off and then there’s really nothing left that would warrant viewing this show.

Not only is the lead role miscast, but the scripting on top of it is also riddled with so many errors, loopholes, inconsistencies and abhorrent dialogue that the entire scenario for which she claims to have ultimate authority lends zero credibility and thus must disappoint on all accounts.

Season 1 was cancelled and taken off-air, and good riddance! Alternatively, we could blame Brannon Braga for this one, too.


Battlestar Galactica Mid Season Finale

With so many shows already on hiatus BSG now also takes a break after its mid season finale “The Eye of the Jupiter”. The series will return on January 21st 2007 but will be moved to Sunday nights. BSG is currently my favorite show and seeing it moved to another time slot plus pausing it for four weeks cannot possibly be good for ratings, which are already slightly down from the previous season. I just hope we are still good for a Season 4. Speaking of Season Finales… Dexter also comes to an end this Sunday!

The Lost Room (mini) premieres on SciFi

The Lost Room” mini series premieres its pilot “The Key and the Clock” tomorrow, Monday 10th Dec. on SciFi, starring Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) as Detective Joe Miller searching for his daughter trying to uncover what mysteries Room Number 10 at the Sunshine Motel on Route 66 holds. It does sound like a creepily interesting piece of mystery SciFi worth checking out.

Aquaman sinks

Despite what you might think Aquaman is not Patrick Duffy although he is from Atlantis. There was a series in the 70s and this one is not a remake of it. Aquaman “A.C.” (Justin Hartley) is based on the DC Comics hero, he is the lost prince of Atlantis and the wicked Sirens are after him. All he has to do is shoot them right between the eyes to kill them. Sounds easy but Sirens do what Sirens do, they bewitch men.

Does this series bewitch its viewers and lure them in to want more? Not really. It’s nice to watch, alright, sunny beaches, makes you wish you were there, surfing. But as far as super heroes go Aquaman comes off as being a teenage surfer dude who can swim as fast as a jet plane and look silly while doing so and don’t get me started on the dialogue…

The newly created CW network already decided not to pick it up and I can’t blame them. However, you can download the unaired pilot of “Aquaman” over at itunes for $1.99.

Eureka (2006)

Eureka” is a new Sci-Fi show that premiered yesterday on SciFi featuring a small secluded town of geniuses working on mind boggling projects, some for the better some for the worse. An US Marshal gets stuck in the middle of an incidident while transporting a young girl in the back of his vehicle. Dog appears. Brakes screech. Car goes off road. The US Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) and his prisoner who turns out to be his daughter Zoe Carter (Jordan Hinson) walk into Eureka and crazy things unravel. I had fun watching the pilot just because everything is just so crazy accompagnied by corny one liners and fun acting.

I am definately looking forward to the next experiment.

Blade – The Series (2006)

Blade the Series

For some obscure reason “Blade” (1998) was the first film I owned on DVD followed by “The Matrix” (1999). I subsequently also saw “Blade II” (2002) and “Blade Trinity” (2004) but was ultimately disappointed by the sequels. Spike TV now airs “Blade – The Series” and hopes to attract its viewers to this too cool to be true “Terminator of Vampires”. They call him Daywalker, neither human nor vampire, a half-breed.

Let us be honest, whenever you think about this character, you see Wesley Snipes, there’s just no getting around the fact that he kicked some major Vampire ass. Now, Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones, besides having a rather silly nick name, tries to live up to that figure as much as he possibly can but it is just not enough.

The acting of the cast aside, this show does not set new standards as far production design or CGI is concerned. Quite the opposite, it rehashes special effects on every possible occasion and uses prostheses whenever feasible, only that they are recognizable as such most of the time which rather kills any suspension of disbelief you might be willing to invest somewhere along the ludicrous story line. Vampire Ash as a designer drug? That is not only ludicrous but also immensely boring.

Nevertheless, it is Blade and people want Blade, they want it so badly that it does not matter if the show sucks or not, well at least for now it doesn’t. Everybody keeps hoping that it will get better eventually. I do not see that happen any time soon.