Historical Britannia

Over at Stratics Fawne Goldynhart wrote “A Chesapeake History” and for those who played Ultima Online on the Chesapeake server the name Sillyhood might ring a bell. If you are near Empath Abbey, drop by our Guild House. Yes, it is still there and it’s been there now for more than 8 years. Incredible, isn’t it?


People came from across the lands and seas to see the new City of Peace, including wealthy nobles who also purchased land and built homes there, along with many guilds, including the Sillyhood, who with their rather comical approach to the world, enlightens PaxLair to this day. The Sillyhood, as a guild, took its first breath in ’97, before many knew of this great new world. In the winter of ’97, a man named Ihad and 18 other members founded the Guild’s first home. It was with the Sillyhood that two entrepreneurs, Lords Xanthio and Judge Harm would erect the Duir, one of Yew’s most famous taverns, complete with a stage for actors and shops. The Duir and Paxlair would continue for years to work together for the community. The Duir, now much quieter, still stands, just north of the Yew Moongate.

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