2021 – A Writing Odyssey

2020 was the year of the pandemic and it changed all our lives in ways no one would have imaged. It also led to hardships and traumatic experiences no one was ready for. In all that chaos, it is hard to find a spark of light and I believe despite all that happened that you can find that spark and emerge from this crisis with a new hope. I am not talking Star Wars, although the analogy is not half bad. I faced a trifecta of crisis, March 2020, September 2020 and October 2020, which was just too much and still is hard.

Emerging from all this, one is left to contemplate what to do next… for me I reconnected with an old friend and started writing again and fishing! In many ways I feel like I am at a new beginning, an odyssey of sorts if you will, a journey that will lead to new endeavors and experiences.

I also started investing and am amazed by this new culture of meme stocks and reddit investors. Be it Game Stop or AMC, the doors have been opened for everyone out there to invest at the tap of a button and the pandemic just amplified this manyfold. I for one will be watching this “Planet of the Apes” story unfolding in the stock market closely and am rooting for the retail investor.

Where will this journey lead? Well, for one, I will finish this draft I am working on, maybe get a creative writing diploma, look for a new job, invest some more, maybe create a YouTube channel, go out more with my camera to take pictures and most importantly, keep fishing!

To new beginnings!

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