Kayne – An Origin Story

Back in 2007 Crysis was released, a stealth first-person shooter and I played the heck out of it, although my PC could only run it at reduced settings; it was rather demanding in terms of hardware specs. Besides eating up my free time, running around in a Nanosuit and blasting everything in sight, it also came with a great editor.

Thus the idea of Kayne was born, a kind of stand-alone DLC Mission or Expansion using the CryEngine 2. But wait… what should it be about? What’s the story?

I find among the best stories are Origin stories and so I started writing about this guy Kayne, evil corporation, check, torn by inner conflict, check, mysterious woman, check. Is he really the hero or is he the henchman? Was “Operation Unity” a lie or a necessary evil to save the world? Let’s get to the bottom of this! What is the truth? Reminds me of A Few Good Men! But I digress.

Here’s the first page of the script I wrote back then. Want to read more? Let me know!

Kayne (Working Title)

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