Rambo is back!

“Heroes never die… They just reload.” And here I was hoping they retire and shut up eventually! OK, is there ANYONE out there who has not seen or heard of Rambo? It is possible, you know. For them and for the rest, let it be known: Rambo is back on the big screen this week, January 25th 2008, written & directed by Mr. Pudding Mogul, err you know who. View at your own peril. [ Trailer ] [ “Rambo directs Rambo” interview ]

Addendum: Some Rambo fun stats

Rambo Fun Stats

6 thoughts on “Rambo is back!

  1. I saw the movie some days ago, i thought its quiet okay for an action film. A lot of blood and a lot of action. It is not as good as the old ones, but i thought its okay.

    I thought it was really funny, how they even dramatise the scene, when he just burns down a boat, nothing more. They zoom in and out of his face and they have cool action music playing.



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